Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dine and Dash Doggie

No, we're not going to the Vee-E-Tee.

Mom's got to go back to work.  I've got water and dog treats for you, a sandwich up here for me and we're all set.

I know it's a long drive, but I'll take you out when we get to the Rest Stop. 
Now, I've had my pit stop, it's time for yours.

Hey, where's my sandwich???


  1. I'm guessing he left the dog treats for you...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. What sammich? I didn't see no sammich. A burglar! He came in the truck and while I was struggling at my doggie restraints he eated your sammich! I couldn't stop him! And he left the wrapper. And there wasn't a sammich, you ate it yourself and forgot it.

  3. I don't know...he looks pretty guilty.....

  4. Dann - yes, generous of him. At least it will help me with any tartar control problems I have.

    Og - he tried that line.

    Pink - this is a dog that should never play poker.

  5. Bigid - I had a good laugh from that comment....I'm thinking of the dogs playing poker mural.

  6. Oh boy....guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

    Just like two of mine the other day. Went out and forgot that there were a pair of scapula from the pork shoulders I smoked, in the hanging trash in the kitchen...my mistake. Cody got up into the bag, and he and Charlie polished them off completely but for about a 2 sq " piece of one. Made for a big mess that DH had to clean up. Only Shiloh was guiltless, as she was crated at the time!


  7. He looks a bit guilty, but if you need damning evidence check his chin for crumbs. Dogs can lick up, but can't seem to manage to lick down.

    For the sake of your carpeting, I hope there wasn't any mayo on that sandwich or he might develop some messy digestive troubles in the near future. Prayers for "safe passage".

  8. Yep, looking pretty guilty there... gotta love that dog!

  9. Man are you lucky, wife's dog ate her seat-belt 1/3rd of the way from Detroit to Missoula. THAT made me happy (and yes, the dog is still alive)

  10. Man are you lucky, my wife's dog ate her seat-belt when we were about 1/3rd of the way through our move from Detroit to Missoula, boy was I HAPPY (and yes the dog is still alive)

  11. Its a sad fact of life that if they can get to the food it must have been meant for them!

  12. Just what you'd expect from a Lab!

  13. What a fine boy Mr. Barkley is. I have been honored to be home to some of his distant lab relatives, and great creatures they are.

  14. What a guy! Barkley is my kind of dog. What a sweetie. :)

  15. Some years ago we stopped at Meteor Crater on a road trip. This was on a nice cool day, so we left our Doberman in the station wagon. He was curled up on the dog bed in the cargo area, with plenty of food and water and seemed sleepy.

    Within an hour he'd figured out how to open the cooler, eaten our sandwiches, and, with his fine sense of metaphor, was in the driver's seat, sitting straight up and looking exceptionally pleased with himself.

    On another occasion I got some goodies from my sister, including several packets of an especially good local pancake mix. I had to leave soon on a brief trip and figured that it would be fine to leave that on a kitchen chair. When I got back, it looked like a cocaine dealer had thrown an epic tantrum in there.

    He didn't like the pancake mix, but was determined to try several bags to make sure, and took a couple out through the dog door to see if they tasted better on a picnic.

    Now we have a German shepherd-husky cross -- wonderful smart affectionate animal, but a confirmed "shopaholic". Fortunately for the most part she just parades around with inedibles, puts them in her bed, or buries them, sometimes gnawed and sometimes intact, rather than actually eating them. One of the memorable exceptions: most of the contents of a can of menthol bag balm. (In case you've ever wondered, it passes through as a more or less intact bolus; fortunately this happened outdoors.)

    I'm trying and failing to imagine us with a Roomba. I'm sure that at the end of the first day, we'd have two-thirds of a Roomba and a really big vet bill. It'd have to be the size of a riding mower to cope with that much shedding anyway...

  16. If you had wanted to eat your sandwich, you would have either eaten it, or taken it with you. Therefore anything left is fair game.

    -Dog Logic #43

  17. Pink - that's exactly what I was thinking.

    Vic303 and Rev. Paul - oh that WAS the guilty look! I had the camera as I had hoped to get a photo of him playing in a little bit of snow, but it recorded the guilt instead.

    Mrs. S - travel food is intentionally bland, just meat, cheese, bread, water and maybe a few almonds.

    warhawkeishere - oh, that had to be a sight. Hopefully not the buckle too.

    Bambibasher - I didn't think with the dog restraint he could reach that far, but he did.

    ad absurdum - good stories indeed!

    RapidAlien - Dog Logic 101, if you wanted it you should have eaten it the moment it was made (and given me half).

  18. You brought a quick and easy laugh today! Thanks, Brigid!

  19. I bow (shovel and plastic bag in hand) before the Master of Gastro Fu:


    (resolves to http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/9891979/The-rattling-labrador-who-ate-109-stones.html)


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