Friday, February 8, 2013

Why the Constitution is on my Wall and the Second Amendment is in my Holster.

Why do I care a firearm for self defense?

Because bad guys rarely shoot themselves.

Because rapists consider a whistle as foreplay.

Because I can't throw a pit bull at 1200 feet per second.

Because my Acme Dehydrated Boulders are in my other bag.

Because a cop that isn't in my purse is at least 10 minutes away.

Because lightning never hits the bad guy at the opportune time.

Because Steven Seagal isn't here to hide behind (literally and figuratively).

Because the only belt I earned in martial arts is the one that kept my shirt on.

Because throwing a jar of angry bees just pisses off the average armed burglar.

Because a running chainsaw is just hard to get through the aisle at Kwik E Mart late at night.

Because to run away, I need a sports bra that makes me look like I'm expecting an assassination attempt.

Because with a Smith and Wesson, it doesn't matter that I have the upper body strength of Justin Bieber.

Because if you think an underwire bra is uncomfortable, try a couple of Ninja Stars in your shirt pocket.

Because when I say (deadpan) "Stop, or I'll kick your butt" it doesn't sound as scary as when Chuck Norris says it.

Because tying angry Grizzlies to the front, side and rear of my car might stop the average carjacker, but it's a bitch to parallel park.

Because the bad guys have guns, whether they are legal or not. They  have them now, they will have them later, no matter WHAT additional gun laws are enacted making their already illegal guns MORE illegal. They have them, and then some.  As a result, they are much less afraid to use them against me in the places I can't legally carry a firearm for protection

Because as a law abiding citizen, the United States Constitution affirms that right, and my city and state support it.

Because the world is not the one I grew up in.

- Brigid


  1. Because when I say (deadpan) "Stop, or I'll kick your butt" it doesn't sound as scary as when Chuck Norris says it.

    I'll bet it would sound scary to Justin Bieber.

  2. Wow!
    That was well stated.
    Let's all move to Wyoming. The Wyoming legislature just passed a law stating that any federal law limiting guns, clips, or ammo, will not be enforced in Wyoming!
    And further - any federal officer that tries to enforce such a law in the state of Wyoming will be charged with a misdemeanor (it was originally going to be a felony, but they lowered it for the feds)

  3. I'm not sure which is funnier--the battle bra comment, or the Ninja stars...

    Amen, Brigid! And if Indiana ever loses its way, y'all be welcome down in Texas!


  4. Amen... well, except for the bra thingie... :-)

  5. Very good

    What will be interesting is what kind of push back there will be and it is building.

    Just read where the Homeland people just ordered 26 million rounds of ammo, no description, just numbers.

  6. One of the bloggers at Total Survivalist Libertarian Bitch Fest is a beekeeper. I am so sharing this with her.

  7. Boy-O-boythat last line is "right on" Brigid! It's a different world today. Human life has no value AND SOoo many of us have turned our backs on The Lord...

  8. Yep . . . . right there with you on all counts Ms. B.!!!!!

  9. That last line is ever-so-true (as others have noted, I see). All good points, though.

  10. Love it, love it, love it.

    The last line is an indictment against this once great nation. Throw God out of the nation and you invite in Satan. We have many wonderful people living in a rotting nation. (Which, of course, includes all the readers and writer of this blog!)

  11. Because the last time people gave up their weapons they ended up in Soviet gulags.

    Because, madam, an armed society is a polite society and my momma taught me to be polite.

    Because my hand isn't cold and dead, so come and take it!

  12. Brigid, once again very well said. The world my children are growing up in is nothing like the one I grew up in! Were the 70's so long ago as to be unrecognizable today? I feel a quickening happening and am very tense about what I fear is comming and what must yet be done.

  13. Because- "...SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED".

  14. Well said and sadly true. I walked around with a Colt Woodsman in my back pocket oh *cough* 40 years ago. No one batted an eye. I do not live in the same country now I fear.

    I do what I can however and am encouraged just as much from your Blog and others as the full classes now.

    It seems the only thing left now is to really make Americans mad is to tell or infer that they CANNOT do something. There is an immediate response to that.

  15. Trust me, a jar full of angry bees are very intimidating! But the gun is a lot more fun and less likely to get loose and turn on you!

  16. By God's blessings, I am bigger and stronger than most (>97%, by percentile charts,) but the criminals know a hand-to-hand altercation slows down their goal of walking away with something they didn't earn.

    ...and so do I...

  17. cause I'm too fat to run, too old to fight, and too damn mean to die.

  18. You da (wo)man, B, you da (wo)man!
    If only we had more folks with your kind of thinking in the Government!!

  19. Well said, Brigid, very well said indeed. This is NOT the country two World Wars were fought for, not to mention the preceding wars. As has been mentioned, the human life has been devalued to a "choice", our leadership is obviously arming itself up on the civilian end for something, all while too many people care more about the "cool people" on TV than about real life. And I'm with Larry re: the "too old... etc."!

  20. Please, everyone, take time to watch this short you-tube re: gun control

  21. Because it is the duty of every American citizen to make crime a dangerous occupation.

  22. Because, even assuming that I had the opportunity to call 911 in the event of an attack upon my person, by the time the police arrived, any attackers would have enough time to give me a bit of the Reaver treatment.

  23. Don't underestimate the jar of angry bees. At age six or seven, I decided to keep bees.

    Unfortunately I was unclear on some of the finer points, such as needing a queen, or using an actual beehive, preferably outdoors. I just went to the big vacant lot across the street with an empty quart jar and caught worker bees until I was no longer getting more than I was releasing every time I opened the lid.

    Then I headed for my bedroom closet, the intended beehive.

    Fortunately for everyone concerned, Dad was sitting at the kitchen table and noticed that I was heading for my bedroom with something more unusual than usual.

    By then he was in his mid 50s and had had a physically taxing life, but for one golden moment on the front porch he was the long lost twin of Johnny Unitas. Those bees, glass jar and all, landed well into the field whence they came.

    I doubt that such treatment made them any less angry, but at least they weren't in the bedroom...


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