Saturday, February 16, 2013

From the Below Wing R and D Department - Flying and Armed

Every homestead should have an R and D Department, where experiments can be conducted and new gadgets tried out. (No, no!  When it's coming at you, the rotation is reversed!)

Most of you remember "Q" from the James Bond films?  He was the crafty fellow who ran the Research and Development Division of the British Secret Service, coming up with all sort of ingenious weapons that Mr. Bond can use to protect and defend.

I do believe Q's full name is Q. Pid.

I arrived home from a VERY long week to find that Partner in Grime had left me a surprise.  The wooden winged fellow was well armed, and his weapon WAS loaded.  I look carefully, nothing of threat in the background but a couple of martini glasses.

Agent 00K9 Barkley (licensed to shed) acted as if nothing had happened in my absence, perhaps having been dosed with a dog treat secret drug causing unconsciousness and amnesia.

As I moved around the other side, I noticed on the table below, a message. . . or a warning. Agent Barkley watches with caution, at his feet, either a large pink grenade with feet, or the nefarious Mr. Squeeky.

With the message, a  heart shaped box of ECP (Elastic Colt Pistol) ammo, should the battle between redhead and red-winged Valentine's delivery guy be prolonged.

The red journal  - a few secret passwords that I can't tell you or I'd have to kill you.

Hey, no hoarding bags of extra ammo!

I hope you all enjoyed your week and have an even better weekend.

Love - Brigid and Barkley


  1. Nice surprise. At least you didn't return fire ... or did you?

  2. A new Q shows up in "Skyfall".

    The Omega is just a watch this time around, but there is an appearance of a very cool piece of old school Bond hardware which I won't spoil.

    If you were unhappy with the last two films, the producers do attempt to address the fans biggest gripes, right down to the missing classic opening clip (you'll have to be patient, though).

  3. Oh, I want to steal photos Sooo Bad.
    Thank goodness for creative minds and hearts.
    Lucky you.

  4. Hope your weekend is terrific as well...

    Dann in Ohio

  5. Week sucked, weekend is not much better... Hope yours is a LOT better!

  6. Hehe, that looks like hours of fun. Not to mention all the ECP ammo "how far will it go?" tests.

  7. Very nice! My weekend was fantastic!


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