Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of the Coffee Table - A Lesson for Consumers

There has always been a copy of Better Homes and Garden Magazine on my table.  From the time I was a kid, to now  There's all kinds of great DIY ideas for decorating, crafts, food and house and yard and the photos and ideas always spark a lot of creativity. Someone in my family has always subscribed to it.

It's just a constant on the table, always enjoyed, and saved for months and one of the few magazines I'll pay to have come to my home.

And look, there's a new flyer to renew the subscription.

The January issue came.  Wow! It seems, well lighter than usual.   Let's look at October's issue, which was on the table where I last read it.  The last page is page 200.
Now let's look at the January issue.

The January issue's last page is page 100.

It's half the size, exactly.

For the Same Price.  $3.99   

What is it WITH everyone's fear of high capacity magazines?

Needless to say I won't be "renewing" at any price.  Others did and are now finding out just how ripped off they were, but I won't be one of them.


  1. HAH!

    "High Capacity Magazines", indeed!

  2. I use to take a couple of magazines but they mainly were advertisements or things that were totally not practical. Gave it up.

  3. Sounds like me noticing that Rolling Stone is nothing like it use to be. Totally unrecognizable now. Thankfully I don't subscribe to it.

    On a similar note, I hope books are around for a long time. They're under attack, also. As are the brick and mortar stores that let ya actually hold one in your hands "like the old days."

  4. Dangit, every time I go to the store, the portions and sizes of containers are smaller and the cost is bigger. I reckon you should take some solace in the fact that you didn't fork out $5.99 for the new & improved slimmed down subscription, eh?
    S/F Mike

  5. Sheesh!
    Pinterest is my lifestyle magazine now. :)

  6. Is your 3D printer on order or are you going to go the DIY route and make one from parts?

  7. Everything's going Internet.
    Very sad.


  8. ...lol, thank you Miss Brigid, best laff today...hi capacity magazines(BWAAHAAAHAAA...)

  9. naturegirl - I understand the book thing. I spend the day with technology, peering at things closely under harsh light. At night I want to curl up on my big leather couch with paper.

    Mike - it's cheap as a subscription but it's the idea of it, make it half the size, mostly ads, it's still not a bargain. I can watch commercials on TV for free.

    Beth W - welcome! It's fun, but I still prefer getting away from the computer at night once my writing is done. But there's some cool stuff on there, so it's tempting.

  10. It's just like food. Everything's getting smaller except the price.

  11. I hate it when businesses cut product and not price.

    You might like Southern Living as a replacement though, Brigid. My mom gets me a subscription to it annually. The recipes are the best part!

  12. ......Heads for the garage.... looking for magazines..... leftovers..... sees no hi-capacity tomes...... durn the brass is short again.

    Was chuckling all the way across the hi capacity tundra.

  13. I have been getting online gun/self defense magazines (the reading type) to my inbox for several years; I have yet to find one I can read. I subscribe to the paper/glossy ones by choice; if I need to go from page 11 to 63 it's easily done. I don't own an e-reader, and don't expect to. As it is, books that have been printed over the past 50 years or so are deteriorating, but how long has it been since we had "floppy disc"? I foresee a time when reading is a quaint anachronism. But I'll be e-reading THIS blog as long as I can!

  14. Groan.

    I noticed the same trend with Southern Living. Ten years ago, after a big New York publishing house bought the magazine, they began removing the garden pages and adding more pictures and white space. The articles shrank. The columns about the Outdoor South, Southern books, and all gardening other than "plant your tomatoes this month" disappeared. Ads grew, the articles became simpler with smaller words. And instead of 250 pages, it was down to 100 or so. I did not renew.

  15. Dear lady, thank you for the much needed chuckle.

  16. I've had a few that wanted to charge the same price....but cut back to 6 issues a year instead of 12. NO THANKS!!

    And I prefer that paper book at night instead of the electronic version too.

  17. Have a friend who claims both BH&G and Good Housekeeping will only send her a subscription with the front page removed.


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