Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Made in America (and you are cleared to land) - Taproot Farms

I'm a fan of natural, organic oil based skin care.  In my younger days, I'd spend hundreds of dollars on high end cosmetics and skin care, which frankly didn't do much more than Ivory Soap and Sunscreen.  As I got older and needed a little more care for my dry, fair skin, I looked into natural products specifically those made by small, family run farms/ companies.  It helped my wallet, my skin looked great, and I was getting carded into my late 40's, even better.

I LOVE  my Indiana's own Frangipani skin care cleansers and moisturizers (see sidebar for a link) and my bath and makeup products from Bee Naturals of St. Louis  but I also found a great little company that specializes in organic essential oil, perfumes and soaps and other assorted bath and body products from a little sustainable farm in Chickaloon, ALASKA, run by a former Air Traffic Controller (who I probably talked to at one time), I had to try some of their products.  OK guys, before you tune out, remember some beautiful lady that loves you that might like that you took the time to find a specialty product for her.  :-)

In the 90's Air Traffic Control Rick Wilder had a dream of forming a community of people driven to restore the fading concept of the multi-generational, family owned and operated small business.  Twenty years later, Taproot farms has achieved that as true- life farmers prizing the land and being good stewards of the resources they have, using what is available locally to provide heat, water and power for their community.

Pure product  made with the best, organic ingredients, simply handcrafted, created with the nose, eyes and hand of an artist not some factory.  These are products they would use themselves, and I'm certainly glad I tried them.

In addition to essential oils, they have a number of  100% pure argon oils that are phenomenal to help with hair and hails - just a drop or two will make both sleek and strong.  They also have scented ones. I put a drop or two of the lavender argon oil in my hair at night.  I sleep like a baby and in the morning my hair is SO soft.
The perfumes are worth the visit alone, an easy to use and portable roller with fragrances that are not just earthy and floral but those that mirror some of the more expensive perfumes, such as Enchanted (Poppy by Coach Pure Elegance).  Alluring Amber (Victoria's Secret Amber Blend) and one that smells just like the very expensive Pink Sugar. And there's one that smells just like Crème Brule.  I gave one to a gal friend of mine with small children.  She said "next time you give me that, let me line up the kids going to grandmas for the night".

 The best part?  $12 and they smell as expensive as the department store brands that are $60-$80 as well as last longer as it takes just the smallest amount for a long lasting but subtle fragrance  (they will also sell you three samples of your choice for $5)

They also have soaps.  I do love my goats milk soap but my husband really liked Taproots sandalwood soap for the shower and it lasted forever, maintaining the wonderful, masculine scent til the last bit.

If you have a sustainable farm or homestead yourself they also carry one of the few Kelp Meals for chickens, pigs goats, cows, horses and pets, full of essential trace minerals, free of all of the arsenic normally found in plant based kelp meals.

They ship everywhere, and even coming from Alaska, I have my products within about a week  of order without paying extra for uber-fast shipping.

So if you want some wonderfully scented natural bath and both products for yourself or as a gift for a family member, (which may include Kelp Meal for Arnold the Pig) check them out

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  1. "how much would you pay now? But, wait. There's More."

    N109SJ, don't forget to trim for go-round.

    It sounds like we are going to have to get us some of these here products.

    Thanks for the testimonial.

    Rich in NC

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Have been looking for a new smell good!


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