Sunday, July 5, 2015

Girl's Day Out - Woofs, Wheels, and a Crock

I headed back to work from vacation earlier than planned, but with the bat phone quiet, I was able to get out for "Girl's Day Out", if just a short outing in the morning.  Except it was not just we gals, as Partner in Grime was in town for the 4th and to catch a flight out of Indy on business while a friend house-sit the Range during all the local fireworks (illegal of course, like that stops anyone) and parties going on.

Bustling around the crash pad, I came out of the bathroom, hair in big curlers to give it volume, no makeup and wearing a too big t-shirt.

Partner was already dressed, in crisp khakis and a new dress shirt.  I said

"Gee - you look really good" to which he replied with a grin

"You will too - in a couple more minutes".

I couldn't argue with the man :-)

The streets were quiet after all the festivities but getting on to the freeway there was a huge light pole down.  You REALLY have to have talent to take out a light pole on the INSIDE of the curve.
That wasn't the only errant driver - someone took out a good portion of a backyard fence near College and 56th. I'm glad we stayed in last night to watch Phineous and Ferb's Star Wars special from last year.

There were almost hardly any cars, just a Broad Ripple SUV or two.
Broad Ripple was really quiet, only a couple of places serving breakfast.
La Petite Chou was our destination.
These people know how to make an omelette - with lots of cheese, bacon and roasted potatoes inside with salad in a tangy vinaigrette and thick sliced sourdough toast. The pomme frites cooked in duck fat were tempting instead of toast but I do have a pair of tight jeans to fit into.

Tam had the Crock of Onion soup - a meal in itself.
Best onion soup in Indianapolis. This location, on the canal in Broad Ripple has some of the friendliest staff as well.

Dogs were welcome on the patio.  If you work the eyes just right, Mom will sneak you a piece of food when Dad isn't looking.
We got caught up on where we'd all been this summer - firearm training, parents and the like, as well as current events.  Yes, climate change is responsible for everything now and I'm probably the last to know. ISIS was caused by climate change. Mass murder - climate change. Muffin top in tight jeans - climate change. Glad I'm finally straight on THAT!

Following that was engineering adventures of Partner and the trials and tribulations of trimming a pet's toenails which for Huck the cat I think involves, small clippers, a towel and this outfit
We decided to take the scenic route back to parking.

Fire Station 32.
 Do you have bread for us?
No Bread - It's Climate Change!
Just some local color.
As we headed back to the village from the canal, there were a lot more people out, walking biking, taking their pets for a stroll. It's a good way to keep in shape for both of you.
Then it was time to say goodbye to Tam and drop Abby Normal the Labrador off at PetSmart before Partner had a flight out for a business trip. There was one near the airport which was real handy and she likes Andrea her groomer there a lot, as she understands Abby is scared of both the nail trim and the dryer.
 The tail started going hypersonic as we approached the doors. We're going to see Andrea!
 Look at all the stuffed toys!
I will be so soft and pretty when you pick me up.  Hopefully right after I can find a dead critter to roll in.  I'm a Lab.  It's my job

While Abby gets cleaned up I ran some errands to the hardware store and a couple other place.

There were some hot wheels out and about.
One of my all time favorites - the classic Camaro. 1968? Anyone?

And the not so Hot Wheels.

Sure glad you were able to take up not just 2 but 4 parking sports. Keeps your beautiful side panels in their continued pristine condition no doubt
Oh look - the local firemen are eating at Firehouse Subs.

If you'e not tried Firehouse - they make a REALLY good sub sandwich. Too bad I was still full from brunch.

Finally a stop to pick up Abby who was VERY happy to go home to play.  Friends, both the furry kind and others, and good food.  A wonderful way to end a holiday weekend.


  1. Glad y'all had a good one, and that's a NICE looking old Camaro! :-)

  2. The Camaro is a 1969. You can tell by the trim immediately in front of the rear wheel openings.

    And Abbey sure looks happy!

  3. The genius of Dan and Swampy -- they make "salmonella" rhyme later on the disc. I won't spoil the visuals.

  4. A happy dog and sub sandwich make for a good time!


  5. Abby does look happy. I see some resemblance to my cousin's Big Bob (also a rescue dog). He smiles for the camera. I'll get M. to send some photos.

    I'm not surprised the firefighters like Firehouse Subs. The chain was started by two brothers who were firefighters before they got into the sub sandwich business.


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