Sunday, July 19, 2015

Canon Fodder - Yes - We DO Own the Road

 Seen last month as I took a shortcut to my dentist's office.
 The juvenile males honked at traffic while Mom and Dad got the little ones across to the pond.
 I said STOP.



  1. Oh, yes, those stubborn Canadian Geese that OWN the road. Near one of our malls, on a very busy street, they think nothing of starting out across the busy highway. Drivers are left with a choice of stopping or being a mass murderer. And to make matters worse, they will look you in the eye like, "What is your problem, we need to get across the street."

  2. Peking Duck is good... Just sayin... :-)

    1. HMMM, never had a Peking goose..... :)


  3. And they poop everywhere.
    They own everything.

  4. looks like our roads here in Cokato MN..honkers all over.

  5. And don't get Momma mad at you.

    Canadian moms are very protective.

  6. I LOVE the sign in the back ground: "Welcome Home."

  7. They're just trying to live successful, uncomplicated lives. Maybe we could all learn a lesson from them. Love life!

  8. I'm glad to see I'm not the only little town overrun by honkers. Murphy - you noticed! That just tickled my giggle box when I saw it Late day tonight, and I think the computer is going to be shut off and a sip of scotch poured Talk to you all later!


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