Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Night Lab

There were two very bad accidents  in different locations on the route I drive home since midnight last night. Almost a dozen vehicles and 5 confirmed fiery deaths. including two children in construction zones.  It's a good night not to make the drive.  I let the housesitter know I'd not be up so soon.  Partner is on the road anyway, and Abby and I are safe, a night to be thankful for that.  So nothing deep here, just something to make you smile and appreciate those little things. - Brigid

Abby travels back and forth from home to the little crash pad in the city where I work. It's a cozy little place with some of the furniture from the house I owned when I met my husband and little things that make me smile.
Abby's walker L. invites her in for play time after romping in the yard with Andy their rescue lab.

She has a dog walker/sitter at both homes, someone to let her in and out, and stay overnight with her if need be or have her stay with them.  She's pretty laid back and minds really well, including having to block her into a specific room  at the crash pad when the landlord sends someone to change the furnace filter, check the smoke detector or replace a bulb in the high ceiling fixtures.
Barkley would have bounded over the chair.  Even a baby gate was no match for him. Abby just stays behind it, knowing she can see me as I pull in.  Then she goes to sleep.

Or so I thought.

There were two days in a row she was blocked in the living room with her toys and water bowl as a small repair was being made in the kitchen. When I came home the first day she was in her usual position - on the couch in the blocked living room,  half asleep and looking slightly bored.
If Mom really loved me she'd have one of those aerial baby toys that goes over the couch with music and dangling bacon.

She does occasionally change positions.  Last night when I went to take her out one last time before bed she was on sprawled out on her back with one leg straight UP in the air towards the ceiling  like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  Low light kept me from getting a photo but I cracked up.

On day two, I came home, but it was Friday, so she was reading the tabloids, looking less than happy about the most recent celebrity divorce.

Today was slightly different though as when I got home I talked to the Indy dog walker to set up next weeks schedule.

She said "Abby was so cute, meeting me by the front door".

 I said "huh? No, she was blocked in the living room for the maintenance guy so she couldn't greet him at the door and escape".

 She said " No, she must have jumped over the chair when you left for work."

AND jumped back and pretended to be asleep when I got home.

I'm on to you Abby.

I better go count my beers there's no telling what ELSE she was up to.  :-)


  1. Well, I hope you are considerate enough to get beer she can open easily! :)


  2. Yep!
    We lock our chi-hoo-a-hoo-as in the kennels at night. We've enough mischief from the kitten and the B.A.C. (big a** cat) while we sleep!


  3. Can sending Abby out for beer be far behind? Perhaps with a note to the liquor store owner. . .


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