Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Doggie Dining Rituals

Partner in Grime feeds Abby Lab in the morning since he gets up before I do, liking some quiet time while I just throw on clothes and race out the door to beat the Chicago traffic.  I feed her at night. He's not home from work yet, and on weekends, without exception, he is in the shop while I get her fed and organize dinner ingredients so we're not tripping over one another in the kitchen.

Abby and I have a routine and a ritual, which includes getting some warm water on her food to make "Gravy."

I'm not sure where it started but I started singing this little dinner song to her when she was a rescue and was so scared.

It's sung to the tune of La Cucaracha and it's essentially

It's Dog Food, Tasty Dog Food

Tasty Tasty Dog Food

It's Dog Food, Tasty Dog Food


And I do this little dance, which gets her dancing.

Unfortunately the other night, my husband decided to stay in the house during doggie dinner time.

I quietly fed Abby and sat down at which point Abby laid on the floor just staring at the floor, not eating a bite.

Partner said, "what's wrong, she seems upset and isn't eating."

I sheepishly looked at him and said: "I didn't sing her the song" and explained.

At which point I had to sing it, doing the little twerky dance along with it while my husband busted up.

He just shook his head and said "I love you"

And Abby danced and ate her dinner.

I'm just glad the pastor and his wife weren't over for dinner.


  1. Ritual is important in the pack.
    (and, on the Internet, it didn't happen without video!)


  2. This got a great big grin from me - as the chief food disher-outer and general lackey for three dogs and a kitten, I can totally understand. I won't even attempt to describe my last go round trying to get one of the dogs to to swallow her antibiotics after surgery. Whatever Works!

  3. Aw...I love it! Indy does the "Indy-spin" when you say " feed the dogs!"

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how much our dogs get tuned into their masters, our last little girl had different attitudes for my wife and myself but she never failed to let both of know that she was master of this house and our only purpose was to cater to her every want and need.

  5. I have songs that I sing my dog...I'm kind of proud of them :-)

    1. I so understand that. Thanks for stopping in!


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