Sunday, September 27, 2009


In attendance was the usual gang with Shooty Buddy and Mad St. Jack showing after the photo was taken. Old Grouch, Roberta X , Tam - View from the Porch, Joanna, Wayne, Shermlock Shomes and his bride, Rob, Mycroft Holmes and myself

A Belgium brewpub, Brugge Brasserie in Broad Ripple was the scene for the afternoons gathering. With, of course, name tags. I'll let you figure out who was who.

We don't need no stinkin'. . .
A Firefly fan. Mr. Cobb??
It's a brewpub as well so plenty of "medications" were available.
The "Other" Wayne
Our favorite Alpha Geekette
A Heinlein fan. . .
Guess Who?
No, this is NOT backwards in photo editing.
Turn around slowly and no one will get hurt. .
Then there was the food. Succulent tenderloins you could cut with a spoon, crepes, cheeses, sandwiches and of course what B.B. is famous for. . .

Would you like fries with that?

The dipping sauces include sweet chili, horseradish, homemade ketchup, roasted garlic aioli, blue cheese, hot curry (the group favorite), herb pesto, sea salt and sherry vinegar, Dijon/maple. . .

The beers are handcrafted. I'm on duty tonight so iced tea for me :-( But this hoppy Ale went along with some incredible stew and sure looked good.

A good time was had by all. . .


  1. Good company, good food, good drink, Looks like a great time! I will have to try to make it over there sometime.

  2. WOW!

    Now THAT's a blogmeet!

    One of these days I'll be there for all of 'em.

  3. ...and the cheese was frickin' amazing.

    I am still thinking happy thoughts about it.

  4. Good to see everyone again.

  5. Turk is right - WOW. That looks like a great time for all.

    WV: grillier = My sandwich is grillier than yours.

  6. Tam - that cheese was the best! Thanks for sharing.

    So far the bat phone is quiet. I might get a full nights sleep. Not a problem after all the great food.

    GREAT choice for the blog meet.

    Turk - you were missed. Another time.

    Mad Saint Jack - as always, glad you drove all the way in, to join us.

  7. Great choice of locale for the 'meet. The food was almost as wonderful as the conversation.
    Look forward to seeing you all in October.
    wv: conan (YES ! ! !)

  8. Score! But where's the bacon? (I just couldn't help but notice the large number of bacon recipes on the sidebar.)

    That's my kind of gathering - small group of good people with plenty of good food.

  9. Boy howdy but that looks like a good time.


    Looks like it might be time to start thinking about another NE meet... ;)

  10. Good lord, I look goofy in that picture. Stupid handcrafted beer ... :-P

  11. That does look like it was a very good event.
    Maybe one of these days we can have one of those meets in my area.

  12. Belgian brewpub, in the US?! 'Tis heaven!

  13. I'm gonna try for the October Blogmeet as soon as y'all decide the date. so far, the latter half of October is open for me. There are a few days blocked out for other commitments but I have to burn some vacation time. I've too many on the books.

    Maybe Mrs. Crucis can try out her Christmas present. :-)

  14. Joanna - it was the best picture of the bunch. You look beautiful, as always.

    Rick - there are several of these popping up around the country. It's a fun way to meet folks who share the same interests.

    Crucis - You'd enjoy it. I travel enough that I miss many of them, but it's a grand time.

  15. Great people, great conversation, and great food. It doesn't get any better than that.

    Looking forward to the next one.



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