Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturdays Don't Get Much Better

Family Fun Day at the Atlanta Conservation Club. Lots of different types of shooting sports going on to participate in or watch, and food for all. I had the most amazing venison chili that someone had on the stove in the clubhouse and shared, not to mention the free hot dogs, chips and drinks.

There was hands on gun safety tips and instructions for guests and the older kids provided by the good folks at Indy Gun Safety.

And a little bit of everything else for the adults. Ah.. . . . here it is !!


Hey, this one moves!

Beyond a table of black guns the only thing that could make this day better?

A trip to the family owned Cicero Dairy Queen (which will still dip your chocolate cone in butterscotch if you ask nice) and a stop, directly across the street, to Wyatt's Guns. Dairy Queen and a great gun store right next to each other? How good can it get?

It's a beautiful, clean facility, family run by the nicest folks. They had an interesting selection, from a couple of incredible collector's pieces to popular models at decent prices as well as many guns for the sportsmen and women. The service was top notch. I couldn't find a particular holster I was looking for and they ordered me one, at a very competitive price. A new indoor range is in the works and it is going to be as nice as anything I've seen in the state. Even though it's a ways from where I live, I will definitely be back.

Time to wave goodbye to my shooting friends and head on back; the long drive back to my own "range" tonight, where Barkley patiently waited for me, tail wagging on my return. After a day like today, I will sleep well, brass to be polished, memories to be stored.


  1. Seems that you had a wonderful day! How'd you do on the USPSA match?

  2. Sounds like a great day!

    There's tiny shopping center near where my folks live. They have maybe 5 stores there in a row. The big sign out front says:


    Ahh... little piece of heaven :)

  3. Seems like we've all had a great weekend. Sighted in the 30-30 and the .22, plus a few magazines through the .45 and .380 and still had beautiful weather for a 30 mile bike ride.

  4. Worth the drive. Great pics. Had to be a great day.

  5. And the weather was great yesterday as well.
    My youngest loved ACC. Randy from Indy Gun Safety gave her a brief, but solid introduction into the basics of shooting, then she took two turns at the steel match course. I am very proud.

  6. That looked like a lot of fun for sure. It is always nice to have a good day and do some shooting at the same time.

  7. Off topic, somewhat... Dogs....

    Your Barkley will probably know this already. On 3 September 2009 at about 8:00 PM, the vet put the needle in the vein and injected the poison that stopped a grand old faltering heart.

    Nate, our Collie dog is gone. The grief is still much too real, much too near.

    You and your readers will understand, of that I am certain.

    Memorial on:

    Thanks for your writings.


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