Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adventures in Breakfast

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"I don't know. I'm making this up as I go."
Indiana Jones

The Home on the Range Breakfast Burrito. No recipe, just sort of made up as it went. It started with fresh oven roasted potatoes (baked potatoes cut into chunks with the skin on, tossed with a little olive oil, sprinkled generously with Penzy's Ozark Seasoning, then roasted at 475 for 25 minutes). That was added to some leftover ham heated in a small pan. Then it's time for the eggs you've rounded up, scrambled and mixed with cheddar and jack cheese, salt and pepper.

I put a thin layer of cream cheese on a fresh flour tortilla and then added the potatoes, ham (lightly browned), the scrambled eggs, cheese and a nice dose of mild salsa.
Fold it all up and you're ready to eat.

If you've never paired the tastes of cream cheese and salsa, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. The addition of the spiced roasted potatoes really added something, as well.
I learned from someone much wiser than I, that sometimes the best meals don't involve a recipe or a lot of fuss, just a sense of adventure.
Besides - I don't think Indiana Jones started his day with corn flakes.


  1. Ah yes... my cooking style! What ever is close goes in the pot or skillet :-)

  2. My goodness, and I had cheerios.


  3. We always had summertime help on the ranch. Young guys from Mexico with seasonal green cards. (70's and early 80's) To them, ANYTHING in a tortilla was a taco. Around here, ANYTHING in a tortilla, served before noon is a breakfast burrito. If you start preparing it at 11:45 a.m. and eat it at 12:15 it's a 2 course meal. Both taco AND burrito. :) stephen

  4. Can I stop by for breakfast? LOL

    Your blog is great!!

  5. Guess I will try breakfast for dinner tonight, thanks. Can almost smell it from the pictures.

  6. Hmm, since I'm home for holiday's with the grandkids, I had a cup of coffee and Mom's teacakes. Don't think I'll trade.

    Still looked good, and I'll keep the cream cheese thought for next Burrito Night.

    w.v: braisky: braising with a brewsky

  7. One of my all-time favorites is to fry up a bit of canned corned beef hash (Purina bachelor chow) and put it and cheese in a 2 egg omelette. Tasty.

  8. MMMMMM! You might substitute sour cream for the cream cheese...
    and I like taters crisp...

  9. I've been stepping on/over Indiana Jones Lego all week. Santa also brought the new "Lego Indiana Jones 2" video game which the grownups seem to enjoy more than the kids. :)

    In case you (or your regular readers) want to go all out and make flour tortillas at home:

    I saw the clip as an extra on my "Sin City" DVD but have yet to try it. I do like RR's Pibil recipe, however, and just made the dish again last night so I don't doubt the homemade tortillas are excellent.

  10. No fair! I've started my food nazi diet as of yesterday!

    Now I am drowning in drool!


  11. And when is the decidedly lovely Lady B going to open the HOTR Restaurant/Diner? If nothing else you could train the cooks to use your recipes and just oversee it all... Good idea??

  12. I think that you mentioned a few posts back that you lost 16 pounds. HOW??? I just gained 3 pounds looking at the pictures and reading the recipe.

  13. Hey! What are those funny looking WHITE ovoid thingy's sitting next to Indy?

  14. Brigid,
    A great start to the day at your rancho!
    Heres a version we use here,
    I like to use a good seasoning as a steak rub before we bbq them (Bab Tallmans Ranch Rub, Tony Chachere's, whatever's handy) not too much, but just enough to add a little umph.
    Then if there are any left over's we cut the steak up in little chunks, fry it up and do just about the same thing you did for b-fast burro's!
    For a little more anglo angle to it cook up your eggs, meat, etc as mentioned and serve with salsa on the side and a plate of biscuits (this is why I'm fat and happy).
    If you want to cheat making biscuits go to New Hope Mills and order their biscuit mix
    their products are outstanding! If you want to impress your friends around the fire in the summer their biscuit mix makes the best dutch oven biscuits going (these are baking powder biscuits btw).
    If you want to make outstanding baking powder biscuits from scratch use the recipe in the 1953 version of the Betty Crocker cook book - it's now in reprint. Hint - for really good biscuits use Crisco - there is a difference.
    Have a great day,

  15. Dan - I bought the reprint of that cookbook as it's the one my Mom's Swiss Steak came out of (Mom comfort food at it's finest served over mashed potatoes). Thanks for the heads up on the baking mix, I'm not sure I've seen that, but will look.

    I have a recipe on the sidebar for biscuits that sounds much like yours. I don't make them often as Crisco is just serious trans fat, but they are SO good.

  16. There is simply nothing better than a breakfast burrito... it almost doesn't matter whats in it... but yours looks fantastic! I guess potatoes are a requirement...



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