Thursday, January 14, 2010

Truth in Advertising

This is a Bob Evans Frozen Omelet from the grocery store. The box was about 10 times the size of the actual "omelet" (and I added the quotations because I can't really call a 3 inch piece of preformed egg an omelet). Compare it to my apple. Yeah. That's going to fill me up for breakfast after doing chores outside for an hour. Some people might fall for the marketing one time, but not twice.

In the same fashion, one day a gun store employee tried tried to sell me something like this as the right self defense gun for a female.
WORD. . . . . NO.

THIS is my idea of breakfast (yes, that's a fried chicken breast , bacon, gravy, egg, cheese AND biscuits.)

And THIS is my idea of a personal self defense carry piece. Some choices are shadowed with false advertising. Some choices are black and white. They most definitely are not pink.

The life I defend is big, so is my weapon. For I won't get a second chance to make the right choice.


  1. Good lookin' sandwich, how about slipping a small steak in there too.

    I'm amazed that you even know where Toad Suck is, let alone been there.....more than once at that.

  2. Preach it, sister!

    BTW, as somebody who does so much wonderful cooking and shares so many great recipes, what on earth are you doing buying pre-formed frozen egg 'meals'?

    It's like finding out that the Sistine Chapel was a paint-by-numbers kit.

  3. This seems...oddly familiar. And to play devil's advocate, you can tuck the little Taurus in places where the other can't go safely. It has it's place in the armory. Somewhere. Not the only thing, but better than shouting "Look, a squirrel!" For that matter, it's better THAN a squirrel.

  4. Love my Sig. Not scared of good food either:)

  5. Ah, Toad Suck, Arkansas. As the saying goes, I spent a week there, one day.

    Regarding both the larger pistol & the larger sandwich ... good choices. And you can never go wrong adding bacon, but you knew that.

  6. Hate to say this, Brigid, but the apple probly is better for you. I'll take the sandwich off your hands, too, to make it easier...

  7. I couldn't agree more on that carry gun. I heard someone once say "if I knew how much gun I need, I'd carry bigger. Dressing for success means more than your suit."

  8. Pink does have its uses. :)

    Good lookin' Sig-o-matic.

  9. Now that is breakfast! I am going to try it this weekend. My personal carry choice is the same. In for a penny, in for a pound...

  10. I'm not sure if which I appreciate more, the food or the food for thought.


  11. Dear Lord, that Taurus is fugly!

    I know the rip against .380, but if you have to pack small, why not the classic and elegant lines of a PPK or a Sig 232?

    And that's a fancy breakfast you got going on there!

  12. A local sporting goods store had a sign that said "guns ladies like to shoot" under the sign was a plethora of guns similar to the pink Taurus, all small both of size and caliber. A couple of local ladies who are shooters had a discussion with the store management and the sign was removed. The ignorance still abounds though.

    What chores do you need help with in order to get one of those breakfast sandwiches? (have pitchfork, will travel!)

  13. But that Taurus is so CUTE!

    I agree with you on portion size. If I'm stopping to eat, its because I'm hungry. I'd rather eat one big meal in the morning, and a light supper, with fruit or veggie snack at night.

    My idea of a pocket gun is a Star PD .45acp. Well, maybe a hair big for true conceal cover, but its still very comforting.

  14. Nice sandwich, beautiful piece :D

  15. Is it just me, or does everybody get hungry looking at pics of guns?

  16. Awww.. what a cute little gun.

    I kind of like it. All it needs is to be dura-coated, with new, real grips, and put into a ankle holster as a backup for a real gun.

    Just like the industrial egg product needs to be converted into animal feed, reprocessed via chicken into eggs, and made into a real breakfast. Unfortunately, chicken may not survive the process.

  17. Pink? Did someone say Pink? My daughter said Pink is for......My daughter said that? There was a time I'd have washed her mouth out with soap for saying something like that. Times have changed. Did someone say Pink?

    See Ya

  18. I'd like a bit of gun advice, if you don't mind. I'd like to get something a little more convenient in size and weight to tote around than my Government Model 1911. SA/DA would be OK and I'd like to stay with .45, on the theory that "if I need to shoot something, I'd prefer they stay shot, if at all possible".

    Colt Defender or similar? SiG 220 Carry? The only compact autoloader I have is a PPK/s, which is OK for carrying, but kinda sorta marginal on the "oomph" scale.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. (and I'd kind of like to stay out of the four-figure range, if I can.)

  19. William the Coroner suggests:

    "Not the only thing, but better than shouting "Look, a squirrel!" For that matter, it's better THAN a squirrel."

    I chuckled initially but then reconsidered. Think about it. Flash for a moment on two old movies. First think Crocodile Dundee and the NY thug, "That's not a knife, THIS is a knife." That's perspective on the pink Taurus.

    Now recall National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and the squirrel in the Christmas tree. See, a squirrel will have a much more immediate effect than the display of the toy gun!

    If you can't bring the Sig, carry a squirrel.

  20. Uhh... hang on a minute...

    You mean to tell me that size DOES matter, after all?? ;)

  21. Everything is better with gravy. My favorite is steak 'n eggs the following morning after we grill a big sirloin for supper.

    I chided Mrs Crucis this morning a bit. I said it's Biscuits 'n Gravy not Sausage 'n gravy. Sometimes her Biscuit vs. sausage ratio gets out of balance.

    I'll pay for that tomorrow. :-(

  22. Yay Sig! No fluffy, cheezy looking pink gun.

  23. The little PT-25 is not, indeed, a great defensive weapon.

    They are, however, a blast for plinking - I have one in blue with wood grips, and it's a hoot.

    If they're going to tart it up, I'd go all the way to the gold-plated controls...

    (Ugly is a matter of personal preference, but in any case, it's a Beretta design. Not that Beretta would think that pink mother-of-pearl was a good idea.)

  24. I was showing my used Sig P220 to my Florida redneck Glockbuddy and he was jealous, but his wife is getting a .357 magnum for her purse.

  25. I had a bright blue .32 Keltec at one time. My sister-in-law asked "is that a real gun?" With it you could change the grip frame so I promptly changed it to black. I generally carried it as a backup or when I didn't feel like carrying a gun (my wife never understood the latter comment).

  26. EB, if it's just lighter weight you can go with an Officer's sized 1911. I have a Para CCO that I sometimes carry. Seven rounds of 185gr .45acp Hydra-shok. I like a lighter bullet for shorter barrels. The Para is an LDA. Now some folks don't like that but it's been 100% dependable for me.

    There are plastic .45s available from S&W, SA and Glock. I had a Kahr .45 for a while and had some problems with it so I've a bias, but that doesn't mean you would. The XDM or M&P are good alternatives if you want to stay with a .45.

  27. Brigid, I do have a Taurus 85 and you're right, it's not exactly a slender fit.

    You know, I can go buy a pair of shoes and try them on. It'd be nice if gunshops had a way you could try them out.

  28. Looks as though it is coming down to two guns:

    H&K USP Compact and a Ruger LCP.

    I made the bad mistake of asking to handle the USP-C on Friday. It fit my hand so nicely and it was love at first sight, tempered only by the price tag (the only reason I didn't buy it right then and there). I'm almost hoping it'll be gone when I go back in a day or so.

  29. I'm just a lurker, I don't have my own blog, but I just had to mention how I use my little Taurus with the pearl grips (mine are white, thank you) and the gold accents (yes, I do have the gold accents)-

    I pull it out at the range, and the guys snicker.

    Then I shoot. It may be a cutesy gun, but it is a hoot to shoot, and I hit wear I'm aiming. I don't actually intend to carry it, though, it's just a fun little gun to have.

    Kind of a conversation piece.

    Love your blog, and your regular readers' comments are a hoot!


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