Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blog Meet

The Indy blog bunch meets up at one of our all time favorites, Brugge, with a special guest, the handsome and dashing Turk Turon. He was visiting for the week, bunking in the guest quarters at the Range while visiting one and all.Fifteen folks showed up bringing appetites, stories and even an antique sewing machine. (A tiny little marvel courtesy of Mrs. Shomes).
I wasn't sure I'd make it in time, and still have my suitcases on the seat of the truck. Turk brought me luggage tags for the next trip. That explains it!

We ended up spilling over into two table areas, a nice sized group.
Pictured are the usual suspects (excluding yours truly, holding the camera) who braved the balmy 15 degree high today to come on down to Broad Ripple. You made it!

The Brugge was the spot and as usual the food was supurb. Hand crafted Beer.
Their incredible little cheese plate. The famous pommes frites, incredible fries with 11 dipping sauces that ranged from the standard mayonnaise, house-made ketchup, and horseradish to the more adventuresome, sea salt and sherry vinegar, poplar syrup and French Dijon mustard, herb pesto, blue cheese, roasted garlic aioli and my personal favorites, sweet chili or the hot curry.

Would you like fries with that?

Don't forget the mussels which the Brugge is famous for.
The conversations? Antiques, Sci-Fi, shooting (Hey has anyone tried the new Springfield XD 9 mm?), hit movies (it seems everyone has seen "Dances with Smurfs" but me), travel, the holidays, the latest in techie toys and the best Wedding Cake Topper ever!

Why yes, I WILL have another beer!
Tam had the steak and eggs.I had the beef tenderloin, medium rare. With more frites of course!Old Grouch had the Waterzooie, the quintessential Belgium fish stew.

And Joanna had Carbonnade Flamande (a stew made with beef, Belgian ale and onions)

Then there were the dishes with duck.
Like duck confit mitrailette. Delicious tender Brassiere bread piled with perfectly cooked pulled duck and crisp fried leeks mixed with a dried cherry and lambic compote with a hint of spicy mustard. I'm now eying the ducks in my pond with a whole different outlook. Shomes, Jr., sitting next to me shared a bit of his pan roasted duck crepes with sweet onion confit. (When is duck season?) Oh my. Then there were the dessert crepes. Plain sugar cinnamon and an amazing one filled with nutella and drizzled with sweetness.

I managed to drop a piece of crepe in my beer
my in my beer as I sampled a bite or two (Hey, she got crepes in my beer, she got beer in my crepes!) I ate it anyway. It was still good.

There was very little remaining.

All in all, a good time was had by all!


  1. I told you it would be fun. Now I need to work on getting over there for a blogmeet.

  2. That must have been GREAT. I wish I could get the local bloggers interested in something similar, but alas ...

    Looks like fun!

  3. As expected, an effort that sets the standard by which future BlogMeet reports will be judged. (And that food DOES look good, doesn't it?)
    Well done!

    And glad you could make it.

  4. That camera must have a special setting for "vittles" along with "portrait" and "landscape". :D

  5. So who is the fellow who looks exactly like my brother from that angle?

  6. I am happy you enjoyed the Belgian beer and food in your country !

    Regis from Waterloo (Belgium)

  7. It was a great time everyone!.

    Regis - Some of the best food in town. Thanks for visiting!

    Tam - It's a pretty nifty little camera for less than $200 and it fits in a pants pocket. Even better. I don't have photoshop so what I shoot is what I get, but I don't want a $500 camera either. This works perfectly.

  8. Grand, grandiloquent in word and photo and deed!

    Hizzoner, Mayor John Hickenlooper began his career as a brewer and entrepreneur. The Wynkoop Brewpub and restaurant are his best legacy. Considering that his policy and politics are miscreant in action.

    Next time you visit the Front Range, give holler. I will buy the first round.

  9. Do you know the recipe for the mussels sauce? I've looked for that ever since having them in Seattle.

  10. Now that sounds like good times had by all.
    Some day maybe there will be something like that out my way.

  11. Sounds like a good time, as usual!

  12. Ahhh. Now that I'm "retired", come warmer weather, Mrs Crucis and I will make the trek east. That is if it gets warmer. Temps were in negative figures last night. The high for the coming Friday may be zero---it we're lucky.

    Where's that globull warming when we need it?

  13. I found this interesting looking gentleman in one of the group pics...

  14. Sweet Chili Pommes Frites and Belgian style beer? Sound delicious!

  15. I am going to have to get to one of these in the spring...maybe one of the meet and shoots.

  16. Good food, good friends, good drink, I'm envious as hell. stephen

  17. After looking at the photo Baker M Romeo commented on (the lil devil child in hte background... hehehe), I do realize that ... Joanna... is actually blushing in the original photo.

    Am I mistaken? I'm thinking not...

  18. You didn't say if Turk Turon got the Cup of Turonistan award this time.... Sorry we couldn't make it this time, maybe if the next one is the Sunday of the next 1500....

  19. I'm always been a bit jealous of ya'lls blog meets. It seems that we're spread thin on the ground around here abouts. I'm hoping for a get-together of gun bloggers at the NRA annual meeting in Charlotte this year. It's in my back yard, and going is my birthday present to myself this time around.

    Mention it at your next next meet? Pretty please?

  20. The XD 9mm is made by Springfield, not S&W. I have held the new model, but not yet had the chance to shoot it.

    The new model has a very different grip shape, and comes with interchangeable panels to help a shooter to pick a grip size that fits their hands. If I was in the market for a new 9mm pistol, it would be on the list I would want to shoot before I made a decision. The 19 round magazines might make it a competitive gun for USPSA or other shooting sports.

  21. Drop me an email when you're going to be in town over a weekend and we can plan to come down and do some recoil therapy and lunch!

  22. Jealous. Oh yeah, I am.

    But I'm with you, B, on the Dances with Smurfs boycott.
    Everyone in our family wants to see it, but I dragged them to Sherlock
    instead (which everyone liked). They'll hafta pay their own way to the Cameron farce.

  23. Midwest Chick - definately. January is pretty crazy with a business trip to the UK and a side vacation to Ireland. It may be February but I'm really looking forward to it.


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