Sunday, February 7, 2010

Extreme Danger - AND It Will Go On Your Permanent Record Too.

After the narrow roads, everyone driving the wrong way and the sheep speedbumps, I'm supposed to worry about falling off of sea cliffs?

Be careful, or you'll need one of these places afterwards.
Cliffs of Mohr
And a earlier trip to the cliffs south of Portrush.
This could be a book.
Assuming I make it down :-)


  1. Please DO be careful... We lost a kid that way in the Azores... Enjoy the trip though! Pics are beautiful!

  2. Closer to The Edge could also be a joint album released by Rush and the guitarist from U2.

  3. Nice post, Brigid. Made me chuckle.


  4. your photos are perfect a view of life in places some will never visit. i always look foward to your post's. a flicker of light in a dark time .thank you

  5. Old NFO - I fly upside down pulling multiple g's in a Super Decatahalon for fun and you're worried about a cliff???? :-)


  6. The Super Decathalon has been checked out by an A&P, though, and the cliff hasn't!

    Seriously, pics look great, hope you're having a blast!

  7. I have a series of pictures of daughter Sarah visiting her sister last year. The scary ones are from the cliffs of Moher.

    She had a picture of the cliffs, followed by a picture of the sign showing the cartoon character falling (presumably American or Australian), followed by a picture of her tiny little foot dangling over the edge.

    Remember my old man's pilot litany, "There are old pilots, and bold pilots, but...".

    You know the rest. Take care and have at least as much fun in the next few days.

  8. So you would soar down like a skydiver? If James Bond can do it, I've no doubt you can, too!

  9. I do Brigid, in the bird you are in control; on the cliffs, well Mother Nature is in control :-)


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