Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dessert - A How To Guide

How to cheat at dessert.

Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake

It uses a cake mix, and a few simple ingredients, mixed in one bowl. You don't even have to marble the batter, it does it as it bakes. With pistachio and dark chocolate, with a subtle undertone of vanilla and orange, it will score as high with your household as any time consuming creation.

click to enlarge photo, come on, I know you want to


  1. HA!! I can resist this chocolate deviltry.

    A little.

  2. "How to Cheat At Darts" Ha. A "red-seeking' missile. Won't work well for cricket as he'd go for the bullseye everytime.

    The cake looks delicious too.

  3. Ugh. So. Hard. To stay. On. Diet.

    *closes eyes*


    WV: dorabil Grandchildren are.

    Pfft. And I didn't even type that right.

  4. Arrrgh!

    Diet Porn.

    (Peeks between fingers)


  5. what a nutty mixture... hmmm
    like mine better
    pound of pistachios
    6 pack n down the road

  6. What john bord said!!!!

    A twelve pack of "Grain Belt" (Nebraska's finest brew), a pound of pistachios and a fine collection of Eagles, Jackson Browne, Little Feat, POCO, Flying Burrito Brothers....and a long, empty, two lane highway under a full Wolf Moon.


  7. Mmmmmmm....

    Must remember cheating bad.

  8. And you just HAD to run that chocolate around the plate didn't you :-) Love the cheating idea too, maybe I could actually WIN one that way :-)

  9. Oh man, I'm trying this one...and SOON.

  10. Thanks for the recipe...definitely going to try that as it looks so great in the pic.

    Question for you though? Why is the text on the front of your blog page photo:

    Guns and Gourmet "G"ooking?

    Why did you replace the C with a G in that font? Is it supposed to be some mafia joke?

  11. oh dear Lord, must. not. make. recipe. Oh ok, I give up, I'll try it this weekend.

  12. MTB Laura - that's a typo and you're the first person to notice it (whn I did the banner, it was pretty small, so I didn't see the error). Thanks!

  13. Well, the good Lord saw fit to give me a built-in chocolate resistance. I can take it or leave it, no problem. I do thank Him for that, too.
    But, that does look exceedingly good!


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