Saturday, January 15, 2011

SHINY! Saturday Food Porn

h/t XKCD

I'm starting to get bored, I'm starting to want to get out of the house and go to the range.


Even better, I'm hungry.

Let's see, ham in the freezer, in the fridge just staples, butter, onions, milk, some various cheddars. Oh yeah, this will work.

Homestyle Mac and Cheese

Start with some smoked ham sauteed in butter and some caramalized onions.

Next a roux made from scratch and poured all over the top. This isn't your average roux. In addition to half and half, it has garlic, nutmeg, parsley, kosher salt, and a dash of Crystal Hot Sauce.


if you don't click to enlarge these photos you may regret it.

Feedback page: Would definitely make again.


  1. Oh, man, I think I just slobbered on my keyboard.

  2. My cholesterol went up forty points just from looking at the pictures! Positively sinful. Double dose of Zocor tonight!

  3. Omygawd!!

    Here I am, dieting, and being the food addict that I am, I cannot resist your food porn!

    My stomach is growling, my mouth is salivating, so I'm going to go and have an orange.

    Someday, I'm going to be able to try this wonderful looking dish!


  4. Bobcat

    Food mmmmm..... carby goodness.

  5. Mmm. Looks delicious but NOT on my diet. :-)

    "I'm starting to want to get out of the house and go to the range."

    Me too.

  6. May I come over to your house for lunch...pleeeaaassseeee? I'm starving and too lazy to cook for myself today.

  7. The cartoon made me laugh out loud for the first time in a while. Thanks.

    Oh, and curse you (not really) for the mac-n-cheese photos. Now I have to make some for myself since I
    m not close enough to steal yours. That grumbling you just heard is my stomach.

  8. We have GOT to try this!!!!!
    I'm glad you're feeling better and coming right along.
    Was gonna burn some powder today, but it's raining-- on my day off -- again.
    w/v = bolenti (is that a food group?)

  9. Great laugh at the cartoon :-)
    And the food looks so good.(Now I'm hungry again)

  10. Wow, looks great. I wonder how it'd do with fried spam and bacon crumbles? Nothing better than pork with pork.

  11. Hi Brigid, got sent over by Mayberry (blame him if you need to LOL). I've read the first page of your blog and I have to say, WOW! PB (my hubby) likes your blog too. I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before now, it's definitely on my blogroll now. I do love cooking, especially scratch made real food, love dogs and guns & rifles too. :)


  12. I want to go to the range also, but I'm waiting to see if the Arisaka (type 30) comes back from the gunsmith with a clean bill of health. Being over 100 years old, I didn't want to risk putting bullets through it until it had been thoroughly checked.
    The mac and cheese looks delish!

  13. If that's wrong - I don't want to be right.

  14. I can't read the word "shiny!" in your blog without having a FireFly craving... So I started watching the series all over again last night... again...

  15. *drool* I think we may be having your Mac&Cheese with that backstrap I'm rustling up tonight. If I can wait until tonight.

  16. I'm going to have to remember to tell you my bobcat story sometime.

  17. First post here--been lurking for a while, and all I can say is "these photos (and this recipe) make me want to be a better person!!!!"

    And, for the record, my taste in firearms is varied--from 1943 Underwood M1 Carbines to the Walther pK380 near at hand...........


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