Friday, January 7, 2011

Off I go

Turn your sound up!


What? You thought I listened to Enya while driving my truck home each day?

If you are reading this, (thanks to my offspring) the surgery was moved up due to a scheduling change or a sudden leak and is either done or going on now and is going well. (There was a post drafted if it wasn't going well but that involved a picture of Nancy Pelosi, an ice flo, and starving wolves).

I will be released to the care of friends who I will stay with until I'm less wobbly. Og asked that I bring my eebook to the hospital for some "posts on drugs" but I think I will pass, so I asked a friend to update everyone.

I tried to talk the doc into throwing in some extra lifts and tucks while he was at it but then thought better of it, not wishing to wake up looking like Joan Rivers shar-pei.

Thanks for the prayers, the calls and the notes.

UPDATE: B. did fine. The tumor was removed surgically and sent to the pathologist with what it was attached to. It was pretty large but all by its lonesome. In about 10 days they'll have the cross section and biopsy results. It was not a fibroid but the doctor was optimistic. And Brigid said to tell Audie Murphy that the song is by Tab Benoit but I'm not sure that statement makes sense. - M.