Saturday, January 8, 2011


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I'll be home in a day or two and that thing about burgers for dinner was JUST a rumor


  1. Glad to hear you made it through without any trouble. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. those are micky d's on the hoof

    just a rumor

  3. Not sure if this is you or your proxy, but very nice to hear the message nonetheless!

  4. Glad everything went well. Speedy recovery is wished for you young lady! I miss our discourses!

  5. I _think_ I just posted how glad I am to see you post.

    Between my son asking for HTML help and my Australian author asking for the feedback on the book that I'm editing for him I have no idea ... now my wife asks me for my martini recipe ... no idea what buttons I'm pressing anymore.

    Did you wake up and ask if it was Christmas like Mal did?

    I hope you are doing well. Get a lot of rest, stay still and let your friends help you. There are a ton of your readers that have you in their hearts.

  6. Out here on the high plains, remembering my dog Pete, and your dog too... I say a prayer to the creator,,, that all that is important, should have a shroud of tears, for they give to us which the angels shower upon we mortals if we have the heart given lesson to accept.

  7. Dang, take a few days off and all kinds of stuff happens. Glad to hear the surgery went OK, in my thoughts while you await results.

  8. Brigid,

    VERY nice having you back. We were MORE than a little concerned there, ya know. :)


  9. Prayers sent for a swift and complete recovery, Brigid!:)

  10. Welcome back and a speedy mend!


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