Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Striker Fire Goats - Violence at a Fair

OK, this one wasn't a goat. However, this interesting specimen was seen at a Steam and Tractor show in a neighboring state. I'm not sure what it is.

Poodle Cut llama?
Brazilian Bikini Wax llama?
Llama- the mullet?
Extra terrestrial llama circle?
Maybe it's not a llama, maybe it's the Alpacalypse.

But you do see some interesting things at fairs and summer farm shows.

Dann at God, Gals, Guns and Grub got a laugh out of me last month with a post about a goat attack at the fair. Dann's brand new to blogging. He's a former LEO, an NRA instructor as well as a 4H shooting instructor. His teenage daughter is a budding and award winning shooter and his wife is an all around great gal (with a Colt 1911 .45).

While I'm on the road, drop on it and say hello. They're good folks. Guns, motorcycles, faith and family. But don't turn your back on the goats.


  1. What a character. I think some fiber thief just stole some very expensive alpaca fiber and is in a dark corner knitting a sweater.

  2. Someone needs a jheri curl...

  3. jheri curl. . . oh. .. snort. . . I had four hours of sleep so my funny bone is close to the surface but that is priceless. Say hi to your bride for me, I got that running bra she suggested and although it does look like I'm expecting an assasination attempt, I can actually run in it without pain.

  4. It's a llama, status post shearing. Only the fibres from the barrel are worth spinning and using.

  5. I'd friends North of Phoenix who had a goat. We returned from an afternoon killing targets in the desert, and the damn thing attacked me!
    I was sitting enjoying a cool beverage, and the goat was quietly munching on my combat-boot laces!

  6. Assassination attempt! Having a hard time.. typing without... making a ... somewhat blue... comment.

  7. The llama's owner probably sheared it because of the summer heat. Llama farmers in our area have to keep them in air conditioned barns in the summer; llamas cannot take the heat. Midwestern muggy summers are a lot warmer than the mountain plateaus of Chile.

    Is there a running bra that actually works? What's the brand & model? The only ones that I have seen look like they were designed by a naughty man who wanted the girls to go bungie jumping.

    Brigid - feel free to delete this comment if you think it will take the conversation too far off track.

  8. Hi. I'm North. And I'm Brigid's designated bra expert...

    My wife uses "Moving Comfort" and she strongly recommends it.

  9. Mrs. S. as I said - 18 hour work day, four hours sleep, no filters left.

    The one that Mrs. North suggested was called Moving Comfort and I liked it a lot.

    But I think the one I like best so far, for my build, the, ahem, Delta Force Cup, is the Enell sports bra. It uses a really soft fabric that's finished inside and out, no chafing, and since it’s made of moisture wicking fabric it will keep you from getting all uncomfortable and sweaty. Also - No Uni-Boob!!! This may be trivial to some folks, but for those of us who do not wish to look like we're expecting sniper fire when we are working out it's a plus. Support and definition. This bra does both. Can we say WOOT! WOOT!

    Now back to our regular programming.

  10. My Facebook followers are wondering when you're going to get a Facebook page for your blog. I said I'd pass along the request. :-)

  11. lol - I just read through the comments after I posted my comment. No uni-boob? I may have to check that one out. My old sports bras seriously deserve a good burning, and the redneck tank top option is not supportive enough.

  12. Could I see the llama wearing that bra to see if it will fit me? :-)

  13. Llamas to goats to bras...

    ...and my wife says my mind constantly jumps tracks...


    Thanks for the mention!

    Dann in Ohio

  14. Seems I need to hang out here more often, goats, bras, guns...snort.

  15. Moving comfort. Oooh. Noted, Logged, and will be investigated!

    Maybe that poor beast just had a close shave from the drama-llama.

  16. Brigid, you stir up the funniest bits - from your readers as well - nice chuckle end to my day.

  17. The heck with the Llama & it's fancy do. I suppose the Enell sports would work well for gardening. I'm not a runner but I do have quite the giddy up around here and don't like the sweaty bra thing either. Do they make the same in the scivy department ;) Just sayin'

    I also giggled with stopsign's comment.


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