Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Morning Drive - A Farmer's Life

The dawn, it may bleed, the lands secrets to keep
with thick farmland fog lulling senses to sleep

But far light fringes to a golden sheen
touching the earth like soft kisses keen

There I will pause along stricken fence
where dew drops gather on grasses dense

This land is no longer barren and rough
because I am made of much stronger stuff

My march to survive against flood and thorn
my soldiers simply sentient corn

Without welfare or theft, I harbor my field,
and provide for us all, with abundant yield

Strength of work and grace of heaven
I grow the grain for your bread to leaven

I'll never be rich, tending crop, barn and foal
the land just called to this hardy soul

- Brigid


  1. You are indeed a poetess, wordsmith and photographer of the first order!

  2. What a great combination of photos and words.

    Some of the stories I write I title Sunday Drive, which I shall be going on shortly.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great week.

  3. Brigid,

    That is just stunning. Breathtakingly beautiful.


  4. Beautiful tribute to farmers everywhere.

    My Aunt Gin & Uncle Rony ran a small dairy farm until he was forced into semi-retirement at 70 by a stroke. His polite comment to the physical therapist on a particular exercise was, "But I never threaded pipe with my left hand before. I always use the right hand for threading pipe. Why are you trying to teach me new skills at my age?" They raised cash crops until age caught up with them and getting around the place became too difficult. He died last year around this time. We miss him.

  5. Brigid, this ol farm boy thanks you for describing my father to a T. Bless you.

  6. Thank you! The photos were taken on a drive with my friend. Midwest Chick We had an excellent time.

  7. Oh Brigid. You continually amaze me. Particularly poignant poem and pics as I find myself back home on the farm. Pitch perfect.

  8. My dear.....that was very, very nice.


  9. I do miss the bucolic beauty of the Midwest when I see pictures like that!

    You again illustrate that beauty is all around us, whether the sometimes deteriorating farms, the mist-shrouded mountains, the tumbling waters of a creek, or the snow-covered boughs of a pine forest.

    All we need to do is raise our eyes and actually take a moment to appreciate where we are at the moment.

  10. Im becoming a fan of black and white images again, nice job. Richard from Amish Stories.

  11. Such Great pics. to go with your Beautiful Poem.
    Loved it!

  12. Wonderfully restorative, brave, clean and reverent.

  13. Very Nice, Brigid.

    It has the feel of something Douglas Malloch would write.


    The Road of Masonry
    By Bro. Douglas Malloch

    Men build a Road of Masonry
    Across the hills and dales;
    Unite the prairie and the sea,
    The mountains and the vales
    They cross the chasm, bridge the stream
    They point to where the turrets gleam,
    and many men for many a day
    Who seek the heights shall find the way

    Men build a Road of Masonry
    But not for self they build
    With footsteps of humility
    The hearts of men are thrilled.
    This music makes their labors sweet;
    The endless tramp of other feet
    The thought that men shall travel thus
    An easier road because of us.

    We build the Road of Masonry
    With other men in mind;
    We do not build for you and me,
    We build for all mankind.
    We build a road, remember, men
    Build not for Now, but build for When,
    And other men who walk the way
    Shall find the road we build today.

    Who builds the Road of Masonry,
    Though small or great his part,
    However hard the task may be
    May toil with singing heart.
    For it is something, after all,
    When muscles tire and shadows fall,
    To know that other men shall bless
    the BUILDER for his faithfulness


    Ora et Labora

  14. I recognized them right off. But you do have a gift of turning the mundane into the sublime.....

  15. oh chica....I love the pictures and the poem. I love the whole dang package. great job!


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