Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tri - State Tractor and Engine Show - The Day in Photos

Big Fun today. Tractors and old engines, history, nostalgia and people who care about what made America strong.

I headed up early Friday to meet a friend from out of State who loves to attend these things. We both missed this particular event last year due to a death in my family and work schedules so I was really looking forward to attending.

This is the world's largest antique engine and tractor show. Featuring Minneapolis Moline tractors and Illinois built engines this show had about every type of tractor I'd ever seen and some I hadn't.

Gas engines are like roaches you get one and they multiply.

This was sew cool :-)

There were engines really little and engines really big.

You haven't really had a ride until you've had a velvet ride.

There was all kinds of food there, Lionburgers from the Lions club, beef and noodles, hotdogs, sno cones. But my friend brought food that he made for a little noontime tailgate party for the two of us.

Turnovers made of sour cream pastry filled with feta cheese, spinach and BACON and spiced roasted pecans (some sort of secret blend of pepper, cumin, paprika, 3 hot sauces and Worcestershire sauce - addictive) I brought drinks and French Macaroon cookies (mmmm).

She thinks my tractors sexy.

We stayed until it was done for the day, there was just so much to see. Then afterward, it was dinner at a restaurant called Two Oh Four in nearby Muncie. A quiet, elegant little place with incredible food (I had steak with blue cheese, with a red pepper spaetzle and salad with champagne vinaigrette). I don't have a link for them, but it has to be the best restaurant in Muncie and worth a stop.

This was spotted in the hotel parking lot this morning. "But honey, you said if I could fit it in my little pickup I could buy it?!"

I'm on my way home to try and get to the blog meet. So gang, if you are reading this save some Original Sin for me.


  1. I had a shop teacher that had one of those Minnie Molines with the cab, the Comfortractor. Looks like you had a good time!

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all! Checking on the beer... :-)

  3. I enjoy those kinds of shows as well :)

    WV: fockedin ummm....

  4. Even though it appears JD was under-represented at that show, it still looks like a good time.

    I love that old iron.

  5. Could you move the beer bottle just a leeeetle bit?

  6. Loved all the pictures of the old tractors! The old sewing machine is GREAT! My wife is a quilter so she loved that.

  7. Great pictures!

    That Oliver CLETRAC looks like it may still be seeing regular use.

    Hope you're having fun at the blogmeet.

  8. Sure looks like a blast of a day! :)) Love the Barbies on the Tractor. So perfect!

  9. Brought a smile to my face. I'm glad you had a good time.

  10. Those are so much fun.... Neighbor had some steam tractors when I was a wee tyke. He would fire one up on occasion and drive it or hook it up to a thresher. Because of the change in laws, not many fire up the steam tractors any more.

    To listen to the old times and thrashing time was quite the event on the farm. Much like this show. People would come in from the area to have their harvest threshed. There would be a pot luck and the food was a plenty.

    As I travel the back roads of the countryside I see a many of those old machines sitting in the farmers filed collecting rust. Have also seen them stacked up in the scrap metal semi headed for the foundry.

    when I was a youngster, drove a couple of those old MM's and IH red machines. They had a personality. Then there was the Johnnie two lunger and its pop.

    Good times, thanks.

  11. That Fairbanks Morse looked a like the 2 lunger FM-120, we had at the local power plant to run the generator. Also had a one lunger, FM-80, and a 3 lunger, FB-180 for busy days when all 102 customers were on line and using juice! Trying to "cock" one of those with and iron bar in the holes of the flywheel could give you a broken arm if you weren't very careful! That, from trying to bring it up to the top of the compression stroke without "going over" just before hitting it with the compressed air.!

  12. Looks like a great time with great gear! Glad you had fun!

  13. Thanks for the refresher as our Clinton County Corn Festival is coming up in a couple of weeks...

    The use those steam engines to steam-cook corn-on-the-cob...

    ...and of course antique tractor rodeos...

    Dann in Ohio

  14. Nate - The Oliver was in disguise. Take a close look at the third pic. :-)


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