Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Weekend Fun - Sunday Blog Meet - update with everyone's links

It was a great blog showing with almost 20 people there representing several states at the always enjoyable Broad Ripple Brew Pub. Plus it was Tam's Sixth Blogiversary today (millions of bites of snark served). Congratulations Tam! There were even door prizes with Longhorn Jeff bringing some folks wheel barrels full of money (you know, like the ones that we gun bloggers get from the NRA according to the liberal blogs).

Look, here's my wheel barrow full of money. How cool is that? Thanks Jeff!

Two of the gang even got me Secret Squirrel patches for myself and my squirrel partner at the IND 1500 today. They're rubber and fabric with velcro on the back so they will attach to all sorts of things. Thank you both! You are the best! Scout 26 added the fake nose eyeglasses with built in handlebar mustache to use as a disguise. The half inch thick coke bottle lenses, "goggley" eye addition, makes me look like a barbershop quartet member on PCP so I doubt even hippies would accost me on the Monon trail.

There was food, fun, gossip, plans for a girls night out "tactical slumber party" (no boys allowed) with Miss D., Tam, Roberta X and I (where ARE my camo pajamas).

Midwest Chick: "We can have a fire outdoors and dance around and have fun!"
Me: "If we're out in the woods dancing around the fire, people will think we're Wiccan."
Tam: "Wiccans don't carry sidearms, do they?"

There was food and the hot talk of today's gun show (which I missed as I was playing with tractors), gun purchases and adventure ("so he stumbles back outside. By then, the raccoon was on fire, of course.")

In addition to our first time guests, I got a special surprise.

Some 20 (mumble mumble) years ago, when Old NFO was a spiffy Naval officer I got to fly him into where he was based in a stealth fighter jet large square box known as the Sherpa when I was newly minted with four stripes. We bumped into each other electronically about 15 years later in some squirrel round table or something and have talked on the phone regularly ever since. But we had not seen each other since that flight all those years ago, til today That was a hug long overdue. He hadn't changed all that much, but it's hard to remember seeing as how I was three years old at the time and flying the aircraft from my booster chair.

In addition to Old NFO we had Dave L. (Cancer Ward), Og, and Partner, Rich, Roberta, Tam, Midwest Chick, Bayou Renaissance Man and his wife Miss D., Shermlock Shomes and his talented wife, Mr. B., Don at Push the Pull Door (who is even cooler in person, if that's possible), Old Grouch, The Jack, Mad Saint Jack, (who shared some CD's on knives with three lucky bloggers), Longhorn Jeff (Wheelbarrows Fulla Money) and IND shooter Kerry, a long time blog meet attendee.

It was great to see everyone. Cheers!