Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Better With Bacon - an afternoon with friends.

The morning was busy, doc appointment, ortho surgeon follow up, followed by the yearly. . . knock, knock. . . mammogram! (I'm not a glutten for punishment, but all the visits were in the same medical facility which is a fair drive north for me).

When I was done with all that, I was ready for company, so the truck was loaded up and off I went to meet Midwest Chick and Mr. B. for a bit.

We each arrived bearing presents, as we'd originally planned on exchanging gifts at Og's home holiday gathering. But when the knee went all jihad on me, I was unable to finish my shopping.

So today, we arrived, a few weeks late, but bearing brightly wrapped gifts (OK, one of the ones I did was just a silver tin used to hold either cosmetics or BB's, with a bow, but it was SHINY).

The conversation had enough laughs to make me forget the pressing issues of the morning - homemade fudge wars (I made white chocolate with dried cranberry, toasted almonds, orange zest and the barest hint of Cinnamon and Midwest Chick made dark chocolate with ancho and chipotle chili), Barkley, the newest paracord bracelets we made (you know you can get a clasp that has a tiny little handcuff key built into it) and how much we missed weekends hanging out. Midwest Chick showed her new fancy phone. The ringtone when I call them? Captain Mal saying: "Ain't we just. . ." Big Damn heroes - HA! Then it was time for gifts!

Midwest Chick knows I like two things very much. Lemon and bacon. Yellow is my favorite color and I love the taste of, and scent of lemon. Seriously, I'd take lemon meringue pie over chocolate any day. So imagine my delight when I opened up the box to find several small wrapped packages, several of which were lemon scented, body butter, lip balms, soap, lemon sugar perfume.

But what is that in the corner? Bacon Toothpicks that Mr. B. found, and Bacon perfume?? Yes!

Scent by the gods. I sprayed it on. It didn't smell like I was dipped in bacon grease, it was a very elegant and subtle floral/spice/citrus scent, with the most decided undertone of BACON! Even after the "dry down", where you can tell the quality of the oils in a perfume, it smelled not just like BACON, but like a warm, spicy woman who just fried up a pound of bacon.

I couldn't help but sniff my wrist. So did everyone sitting within two tables. This stuff smelled incredible. There were two bottles, Bacon Classic with a floral/spicy undertone ( I detected cedar wood, citrus, pepper perhaps and bergamot) and Bacon Gold which had notes of citrus, nutmeg and pepper in it. And Bacon Salty Goodness.

I imagined what would happen when I left the restaurant and stopped at the truck stop across the street for gas. Truckers would follow me home. A blue haired lady's chihuahua dog would attach itself to my leg and not let go. It wouldn't stop there. Barkley would eat my sweater. EJ would miss his next flight overseas. Mayhem would ensue. Sniff Sniff. Dang.

The bottles were medium sized, but slender, perfect for a purse. Forget pepper spray for muggers. I have anti-jihad spray for extremists!!

I was ready for anything, including the trek out.

So, if you pass a tall redhead in a huge black four by four pick up, headed for the State Line and huffing her wrist like an addict?

That would be me.


  1. LOL, gotta love friends that 'know' what to get ya...

  2. Great post. Posted at

  3. Your day was definitely more fun than mine. Unfortunately the fragrance of today was Lysol, because I scrubbed out my mom's fridge.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. "I have anti-jihad spray for extremists!"



  5. Don't wear that when you walk Barkley or you'll likely go out with one dog and come home with a whole pack. :-)

  6. Bacon perfume does not come close to the gift you brought me. I'm simply overwhelmed still.

  7. I presume you had a meniscal tear with arthroscopic surgery. I've had two; you will do fine.

    As for your mammogram: I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. I am a physicisn, specializing in breast imaging and biopsies. I am passionate that women get mammograms, take care of themselves, and have a long and prosperous life.
    (I sound like Spock - but look more like Yodda)

    Some of my favorite scents: fresh pine, puppy breath, burning leaves, a good malt Scotch

  8. The "pressing issues" got me laughing.

  9. I love stories that end with some variation of "and a good time was had by all." And huffing your wrist? I LOL'd.

  10. Despite his deep love for all things bacon, Hubby nixed the idea of me getting some.

    Something about devouring, he said.

    I fail to see why this is so bad.

  11. Thanks for the visual of the speeding truck. ( was my reaction...)

    Now one of these months I've got to go to Indy and meet the 3 Graces (Tam, Roberta, and yourself) at the monthly blogmeet.

  12. I spent yesterday in bed with a fever, a killer headache and throwing up.

    I Think I smelled of rotten cheese.

  13. My maternal grandparents are from Transylvania. I know that one of your other favourites is "Opium". Whenever I smell Opium on a woman, I have an irresistible urge to bite her neck.

    Now, with bacon perfume...if I ever meet you, I'd suggest you wear a turtleneck - or one of those Marine throat protectors. :)

  14. Excellent gift! I saw a t-shirt once that read "You either love bacon, or you're wrong!" I could not agree more.

    Glad you're on the mend.


  15. Homemade lemon mer pie has always been my requested birthday desert, even as a kid. Which I still am....
    Bacon spray, with an Irish Car Bomb chaser sounds like fun!

  16. Oh stop, with that description in the blog post of a woman smelling of fragrant perfume but also as if she just cooked a pound of bacon. I am now torn between severe urges of hunger and randiness!

  17. I can only imagine the trail of people following you around with their nose in the air like a rutting buck and a confused look. :) I swear, I smell bacon.

  18. Knowing your love for bacon, thought of you when I saw this...


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