Saturday, January 28, 2012

One of the blog gang is in the hospital for repair. UPDATE!

Blogger, and a friend to many, Stephen is in the hospital with a bad infection. I just heard the news from a couple of mutual blog buddies. Those of you who can, say a little prayer for him and his family. He's good people.

UPDATE: Both Matt at Troublesome Times and Duke at Down Range have been keeping everyone posted, having talked with and/or visited Stephen. He is still quaranteed but he got to the hospital just in time, literally hours from death from a raging infection from a simple puncture wound. He's on serious pain meds but relayed he really appreciates the notes and thoughts and prayers. Visit his blog and drop him a note, I know he'll appreciate it. Also keep his wife and grandaughter in your prayers. This has been hard on them both. - B.



  1. Will do. I hope he's much better very soon. Being sick sucks.

  2. Will do, thoughts and prayers sent!

  3. Will do indeed.

    For a moment I thought the picture meant you had taken the Exploder hostage and was gonna send it back one piece at a time.

  4. His friend Duke is doing updates.

  5. Stephen for Stephen; A little prayer just sent.

  6. Done.
    I knew he was feeling poorly, but stubborn cuss that he is he was holding off going to the doc. When he finally did he had quite a knot on his leg and tried to play it off like it was no big deal.
    I don't know anyone else like that...

  7. Praying for Stephen and his family.

  8. Stephen's friend Duke has been updating everyone. Stephen is still in the hospital but turning the corner on the infection. They may still need to do more surgery, but he's on the backside of this, it appears and pining for a cheeseburger. Prayers are still welcome for he, his wife and their beautiful granddaughter who lives with them.

    Duke, bless you for keeping people in the loop and for taking the time to drop me an email.

  9. Will do... infections are no fun... and dangerous... I have a LEO friend who is fighting a staph infection in his elbow... or all places... for the past three months...

    Dann in Ohio


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