Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sticky Situations

Coming up later, a Range report of a Saturday outing with friends. Thai-ing one on, barns and ballistics and how I was attacked by Tribbles.

Sunday, there's a blog meet if I'm up to getting myself there.



  1. My Saturday outing was cancelled because of high wind. :-(

  2. I hated when when I had to ride my horse through a pasture with cockleburs, they are the most agravating thing to get out of a horse tail. I can't think of one good purpose they serve, can you?

  3. Awww, them baby Tribbles is so cute..!

  4. Title came up before picture. Got me all ready for a sticky-bun photo essay.

  5. Those dang burdocks give me itchy hives. Do not like.

  6. You're lucky you weren't wearing fleece. Cockleburs will grab on tight to it and you never get all the little hooks out. Your knee must be getting better if you're getting out where you're collecting cockleburs.

    We'll be waiting for tomorrow's post.

  7. Bad souvenirs.

    Those burs are really a pain to pull out of Chloe's hair. Do they stick to Barkley, or are labs too slippery for them to catch hold?

    We have learned to shave Chloe down as much as possible two weeks before hiking or taking her hunting in the wilder places.

  8. Velcro was first patented in 1955... I think they stole the idea from burs...

    Dann in Ohio

  9. While on a cross state bicycle ride a former girlfriend answered a call of nature in a patch of those.

    She wasn't 100% successful in removing them from the liner of her cycling shorts. Needless to say she was more than a little unhappy upon pulling her shorts up. And more than a little irritated at all of us who were laughing as we fell off our bikes at her predicament...


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