Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Wookie wraps up the weekend - Blog Meet

You're taking me, aren't you? - Barkley

It was a great weekend with friends, both far and near, gathering. Saturday was my first day out of the house in three weeks, other than short hops for physical therapy, a couple car pools in to the office and a stop at a store on the way back from the Doctor's in another little town. I couldn't drive, can't do any sort of travel for a while, but boy, did it feel good to get out for a day.

Lunch Saturday was meeting up with friends at one of the best Thai restaurants in the big city, a little strip mall gem you might miss, and you don't want too. When I make my monthly trek to the city and Trader Joe's I always stop there for lunch., the drunken noodles being the best in town.

The meals start with a Spring Roll and a bowl of Gang Jead Woon Sen which I am going to go buy a gallon of the next time I have a cold (they do take out at

The dinner entrees are served family style and are often big enough to serve two, so our selections of Pud Priew Waan (a hot and sweet and sour stir fry with lots of fresh vegetables and chicken) and Pud Kra Prow (beef with several types of fresh pepers, onion and fresh Thai basil - yumm!) with rice, were more than enough to go around. It's a family business, with subtle but very attentive service, spotlessly clean surroundings and colorful decor (but I smiled at the TV towards the back, for the guys to watch football in the middle of a Thai restaurant - Go Colts!)

I always wonder why when you have a table of people of Scandahoovian, German or Celt descent, with ice blue or light green eyes, and you order Thai Hot, they ALWAYS say "are you sure??"

Yes, I'm sure.

After that, a wave goodbye and EJ and I headed West to drive through the country so I could take some photos. He had to explain to me that I needed to be careful regarding my shouted road warnings, as having driven much on business in the UK, when his seat mate yelled "SHEEP!!!" it meant immediate road hazard, not oh, let's slow down so I can take a picture of the little bastards.

Roger. :-)

Duly trained, we stopped and took photos of a couple of barns (which were guarded by legions of burrs), a cow or two and just to be polite, homemade ice cream from the cows home, at the Traderspoint Creamery (another excellent spot for lunch in the IND area). Caramel and Blackberry were the choices today. I'm glad we only ordered "one scoop" or we'd not be able to finish them.

As we sat in their beautifully restored restaurant in a barn I had the most overwhelming urge for cheese. Most odd.

Then, with a jug of their french style Yogurt for the fridge and some cheese to take home, we were off to Marsh grocers to pick up stuff to cook for supper. I had to use the electric cart, too sore from the photo walking to go far. I have to say, after having been to three business establishments and using their carts as I recovered, I would rate them as follows:

WalMart - Best on speed. Quite decent on maneuverability. They have enough forward motion you can do a donut in produce. The greeters were also very helpful in getting it unhooked from the charger and no one called the cops after that incident with the Billy Bass and the crutch.

Marsh Grocery on 86th: Second fastest on speed, but the store is NOT laid out to be friendly to anyone using one with tight displays everywhere (look out it's GATORADE!)

Target in Plainfield - for starters, when there are two greeters in a very unbusy store and there is a lady 20 feet away with a cane and a knee brace the size and shape of Chili on her leg, and it's obvious the electric cart she is trying to use is not starting, quit talking about snow boarding and ask if you can help before she hobbles painfully away. That being said, Secretariat AFTER he died is faster than a Target mobile cart.

Then it was home to store some ammo supplies and a couple of Zombie targets and get dinner started. (which was posted earlier today for those interested in Range Recipes)


Sunday dawned clear and cold, breakfast was half a crumpet with a new jar of Lingonberry jam (thank you North family!) after the feast of yesterday and Barkley was taken out for a long, much awaited walk while I did my flamingo impression in the shower. Not being up to the gun show, I got a ride to the Blog Meet, an impromptu one after the gun show activities were winding down. Roberta has obviously heard about my activities on the store electric carts

It was a good turn out for being on short notice.

From left at 8 o'clock and around clockwise - Mr. Engineering Johnson, my empty seat as I was taking the photos, Roberta X, Old Grouch, The Jack, Shermlock Shomes , Tam K., Don's wife and Don - official lurker #2 and a welcome visitor at our last blog meet.

Conversation was as lively and varied as the group. Guns and gaming, food and fairs, wookies and weaponry. Why if Tam can't win a giant stuffed llama at the fair, the shooting game is obviously rigged and why it's never a good idea to run up a large white bra up the mast on a U.S. military ship when the Captain is awake somewhere.

Food was plentiful and varied. As usual the Scotch Eggs disappeared fast. I think the Wookie ate them.

Tam, the Wookie's companion, pleads the Fifth.

As always there was brewpub favorites like their IPA and Lawnmower Pale Ale, a selection of pub food, including fish and chips . .

. . . and hot pretzels, and a daily special, one of which was Turkey Manhattan (for non Hoosiers, that's an open faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes under (or more authentically, between, the plated slices of bread) all covered with homemade gravy.

Three of the group had driven in quite a ways, so soon it was time to say goodbye. We departed, full, smiling, and looking forward to another one. Thanks everyone, as always it was a lot of fun.


  1. Glad y'all had fun, and obviously you're doing a bit better! :-)

  2. Glad you are feeling better and able to get around again. I missed the Indy show this time, but should make the spring one. Food looks terrific. Take care

  3. You have that trouble in Thai restaurants too? My workday lunch companions have started responding for me, "Yes, he's sure. You probably won't be able to get it hot enough for him". :-)

    Tell Roberta that's a cool scarf.

    Looks like you had a good time today. I'm glad you're getting out and around.

  4. Sounds like you're continuing to mend!

  5. Old NFO - Yes, I'm just using the cane when I have to negotiate curbs or I'm really tired. I should be able to ditch it next week. It's coming along but I'm working hard with the rehab therapy and exercises.

    Rich D - we'll have to all do another dinner over at my house. Let me know when you're going to be in town for a show.

    Hat Trick - I like this places "Thai Hot" because there is so much flavor in with it, you don't just taste heat.

    Tango Juliet - every day, a little better, but still letting friends drive me or carpooling.

  6. Glad to see yah' again. Nice to see that you're on the mend.

    Good times, and yeah that is an epic scarf.

  7. Looks like a great day and on a side note, I LOVE Thai food. Hotter the better.

  8. I really need to make it up for a blogmeet. Sounds like I'm missing a good time!

    Glad to hear you're mending.

  9. I've lived in Thailand almost 30 years and I still get asked that question. They also find it strange that I eat rice. I use Sriracha sauce all the time but it comes in a different bottle. I wonder if it's the same blend

  10. Glad to hear you are mending well.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time with great company.
    Since I'm back to using the scooters for a bit I enjoyed the review.


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