Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Demise of Hostess Ding Dongs - I present Plan B

Ring Ring - (Fake Russian accent).  "I have twinkies. . you have moose and squirrel?"

Midwest Chick and Mr. B. had scored six packages of my favorite Hostess treats, while I snagged them the very last box of Twinkies from my local store when the news broke that Hostess was going out of business. We met to take Barkley for a walk and to make a trade.  Yay!   But those are probably the last of them.

But, while the dust settles on whether someone will resurrect the recipes, we may have to go into plan B for some treats.  Unfortunately,  most of the other brands "knock off" recipes for similar products just aren't the same.

For those nostalgic Hostess deprived readers, HOTR presents.

Ding Dongs for Adults

With coffee laced chocolate cake and creamy filling, coated with rum infused dark chocolate ganache.

As a kid, my school lunches were almost always the same. A peanut butter and jelly or honey sandwich. Carrot sticks. An apple. Money for a little carton of milk (and on occassion, also an ice cream bar) and a couple of homemade cookies or a foil wrapped Ding Dong. The Hostess brand got its start in Indianapolis in 1925 but the Ding Dong didn't appear until 1967. They were known on the East coast as Big Wheels, to avoid confusion with the Ring Ding, a tasty and smiliar snack by Drake's Cakes that had come out first. The two companies consolidated 20 years later, resolving the whole Ring Ding/Dink Dong Debacle for a while anyway, though I think they later split apart.. The Hostess product will be remembered  as Ding Dongs throughout the US (though it was not the same without the foil wrapper, don't ask me why). In Canada it's the King Don.

Homemade, it's a treat the child in any of us would love.

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  1. Thank you for this. I didn't eat a lot of these, even as a child, but the ones I did were laced with happy memories of a simpler and more positive time in American culture. It seems that everything "sweet" from those years is fading or evaporating completely.

  2. Oh... Oh... nice... Ding Dongs were my favorite (after Moon Pies)... :-)

  3. Yep...that's it, I'm done. Going home to make some of these post-haste.

  4. Your killin' me!
    My Dad would pick me up Freshman year (wearing leg brace and using crutches)
    in the Nova convertible (!) with an iced ginger ale and a foil-wrapped Ding Dong! Memories...
    I was thinking how much more fun your school might have been, had they been your recipe!


  5. Da twinkies are a nice snack.

    Hope yer enjoying yer Snowballs.

  6. BTW, I hadda shove 2 (handicapped) children out of the way and trample a Nun to get those Snowballs.

  7. Somehow I knew you'd have an alternative. I'll pass it along to my wife & daughters.

    And thank you for the Rocky & Bullwinkle flashback. Made my morning!

  8. Ooh! Rum and dark chocolate together in one gooey mess of goodness!
    Artery clogging caloric consumption be damned! Full speed ahead!

  9. Oh my. Like I needed another excuse to gain weight.

  10. These look amazing and I'm pretty sure they are better than actual ding dongs.

  11. From what I understand, Hostess products will still be produced here in Canada as there is a long term licensee who has no plans to quit producing.
    You have friends in Canada...

  12. I'm with Old NFO Moon Pies are the best. Ding Dongs are pretty good though. Bet Barkley would love one.

  13. Jane of Virginia, it isn't just the sweets from our youth that disappear, I have a Vermont something or other Catalog that includes a big section of sweets and candies that are no longer in wide distribution but which my mother remembered from growing up in the 30's. I guess the desire for the new pushes good stuff out of the way.

    Ding Dongs are immortalized in the song, "Junk Food Junkie" along with Twinkies and Pringles and the Big Mac.

    "I'm afraid some day they'll find me, stretched out on my bed with a handful of Pringle's Potato Chips and a Ding Dong by my head."

  14. If I can get this right, it's on the menu.

  15. zdog9 - exellent. My recipes are yours, being from home turf, you're like family.


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