Monday, December 3, 2012

Come to the Dark Side - We Have Bacon

It was a quiet day at The Range.  The afternoon was a good one of friends, tools and board games (yes, Mexican Train can be a blood sport) and a little creativity in the kitchen.

There was no sound but the clinking of spoons against the glass ramikens, then we heard it.  A heavy inhale, and exhale, then another, and another, slow, measured, deliberate and loud. Then, from behind the chair we see the form, all in black, intent. inhale. . . exhale

"I think Dog Vader wants some of this."

He sure did, but there was to be no sharing.  Click below to view the recipe.  It's an incredibly easy to make baked  "cobbler" type dessert with peaches topped with the perfect combination of sweet and smoky/ savory, thanks to some pure maple syrup and bacon!

Baked Peaches with Maple Bacon Crumble 

Poor Barkley Dog Vader.  Some folks say he's as  famous online as that talking dog on those great Bush Bean Commercials ( my favorite beans)  but he still doesn't get to eat people desserts.

inhale. .
exhale. .

"Duke, I am your Father".


  1. Mmmmm Bacon.. Yummy Bacon.. poor

    Dog Vader :(

  2. Oh god, I do not blame him for breathing heavily.

    The description and pics got ME breathing heavily!


  3. Yeah, Kibbles and Bits just doesn't get it done when there is FOOD available and not being shared... Poor pup! :-)

  4. Poor Barkley! Not even any bacon for Barkley?? You'd better watch our Brigid, I think I hear Barkley dialing the SPCA to file a cruelty charge...


  5. "Use the Force (tongue) Duke!"


    PS - Yummy pix!

  6. Gotta say, he's got the "poor pitiful puppy" look down pat. And I can totally relate to that eery feeling that you're being watched, look up, and there's a pair (or two, if Molly happens to be in the same room...or the time) of soulful beagle eyes, scrunchy forehead, and ears laid back staring at you from over the arm of the sofa. Its heartwrenching, it is...

  7. And for those who want to retain that certain aura all day long:

    Of course Barkley will be nearby more than usual.

  8. Duke only steals bean recipes, pretty boring....Barkley steals multiple items of all sorts of interesting things.....

    Plus, Barkley's more adorable....

  9. Yummy food, yummy Barkley... just plain ol yum!
    May the force be with you...Dog Vader

  10. Heck, I'M breathing heavily and I can't even smell it!

  11. Oh Sweet baby Jesus....I must make this ASAP

  12. LB - the pictures (in low light with the overcast) did not do it justice but it was REALLY good, and super easy to make.


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