Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Adventures

My long time pilot friend Miss D. and her husband Bayou Renaissance Man arrived safely last night, bearing gifts of mead. I got to meet Peter a few months ago when they came up for  a weekend, and it was good to see them both again. Oleg V. was hoping to tag along but that didn't work out, another time.

I had time after getting off duty this week to to make dark chocolate cheese cake with ganache and espresso sugar topping for a dessert to our dinner and almond paste filled homemade croissants for  this morning's breakfast.  We are off to the book store then are meeting IND blogger Scout 26 and son for Saturday pub brunch and then it's girls day out to Goose the Market.  Beyond that, who knows!

Barkley is still not feeling too perky from his bout with kennel cough, hence no formal group plans this weekend, as I wanted to stick pretty close to home and vet.  Peter is going to hang with him this afternoon while we do our girl's jaunt.  But Barkley is off the narcotics. That made for an interesting dog.  Sometimes he just sat and kinda of leaned.  He would NOT get on the couch or his bed "Mom, I can't get on my dog pillow bed,. . it's too TALL, I might fall off. . burp".

And somewhere in there he got the munchies. . . .

At least I didn't catch him selling the remainder of the Turbotrol to a German Shepherd for biscuit money "No Barkley, our neighbor's a cop, he's probably undercover canine!"

But the medicine did clear up the awful wheezing/choking that kept us up all night right before Christmas and very quickly too, thanks to the vet coming in on Christmas Eve to take care of him.

Til later!


  1. Glad to hear Barkley is doing better.
    With the weather you guys have had lately it's good to see you getting out for a Girls day and that the friends made it in. With us just over the "icks" its time for us to get out....Im trying to track down some 20 round mags for the AR and M1A but these days they are scarce. Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm relieved to hear of Barkley's improvement. :) Say hi to Peter & Miss D for me, and have a great weekend & happy new year!

  3. Sorry to hear that Barkley was sick. Glad to hear he is on the mend. Have lots of fun visiting with friends! The treats you made sound delicious!

    We have snow to clear again. The initial prediction was just a couple inches, but it picked up a bit more moisture from Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. It snowed all day yesterday and all night.

  4. B,

    Glad Barkley is feeling better. How old is he? I think I know how he felt though, I spent the week sick myself with the 4 day crud going around here in S. Texas. Glad you had a good holiday with friends.

  5. immagikman - we are having a good time, some photos will go up Monday. We got to have lunch with Scout 26 and his young son who brought his new RC corsair. Unfortunately, wind was 290 at 18 gusts to 24, too much to fly it today with him.

    The mead place was awesome, and I came home with 3 more growlers of it to share.

    Rev. Paul - they said hello as well! Everyone getting settled in and warm right now, checking emails and weather for their drive home in the morning.

    Groundhog - he will be 10 this spring. I hope you are feeling better!

  6. Off the narcotics, eh? Looks like he's still getting ready to kick it!


  7. Glad Barkley is better, I know that is making YOU feel better... Say hi to Peter and Wing for me.

  8. Glad to hear ol Bark is feeling better!
    Have a Good Weekend!

  9. Barkley on Turbotrol must have sounded like a steam turbine in serious trouble!

    Or did you mean Turbutrol? :-)

  10. Aww, poor Barkley. Kennel cough is no fun at all, but the drugs could be a different matter all together. I'm glad to hear he is better.

  11. I'm glad that Barkley's off the Medicine.

    My own Wolfgang isn't on the Medicine, but that doesn't stop him from chewing up all my work shoes (and one of the Missus' boots - no not those ones).

    It sounds like a great get together that you had. I need to get up to Indy some day.

  12. Mrs. S. - thank you. I've never had hinm get anything from doggie day care before, the place is spotlessly clean and they require proof of vaccine but my vet said this strain is different than that vaccinnated against, and some dogs don't show symptoms but can still spread it.

    Unknown - you caught the play on the spelling :-). Yes, that's waht he was taking.

    Lois - hope your gang is all safe and well.

    Dann - you too, and Happy New Year.

    Borepatch - you and Mrs. B. always have a room here. I hope you visit sometime soon, and I appreciate the many invites down to your place, business just hasn't taken me there yet, and Dad requires my care on any other vacation days.


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