Thursday, January 10, 2013

Get the Lead Out

When it says Midway Midway Midway
On the Ladle Ladle Ladle
You Will Like it Like it Like it
On your Table Table Table

The only good part about being away from home for a while is fun stuff waiting in the mail on return. Especially packages from Midway, even if back ordered, as shooty supplies, even of the lead casting variety, are in short supply.

I did smile at the warning on the back of the label of this little Lee lead ladle.

WARNING: Melting lead and casting lead objects 
will expose you and others in the area to lead, 
which is known to cause birth defects, 
other reproductive harm and cancer.

I'm thinking I should have a warning sign on my front window

Breaking into my home 
with the intent to steal and harm
will expose you and others to lead, 
which is known to cause reproductive harm.


  1. Amen!

    I've thought of putting up a sign that says something of the sort over the years. I've never done so. I kinda like the element of surprise :O

  2. I always liked the sign that says "Never mind the dog, beware the OWNER!".

  3. Hehehe! You're funny, Brigid! I like it.


  4. Very cool. I also have my first bullet mold in the mail from Midway. I'm starting with a Lee 358 158gr SWC. Already practiced melting and fluxing some range scrap and pouring into a cast iron muffin tin. (don't worry it wasn't vintage, but Lodge from the late 1980s).

  5. Lead exposure has been known to stop home invasions. :^)

  6. Of course, your sign would be much more effective if you post that target next to it, the one with the pic of the bad guy that has a large, raggedy hole where the crotch used to be...

  7. Pink - I understand. It's why I don't open carry. I totally understand and support the folks that do, but I don't like to play my hand early.

    drjim - oh yes! That one will get your attention.

    Sean - It's an art, one I am totally a beginner at.

    Rev Paul - indeed, and dog's teeth in one's butt cheeks serves as an early warning system.

    Keads - yes indeed!

    RapidAlien - oh those targets in the garage while the door was open and I was out in the flowerbeds discouraged MANY a solicitor or Young Religious Person on Bike with Pamphlet.

  8. Oh... I LIKE that second one... :-D

  9. The sad thing you could walk into any tire shop in the Midwest with any of the stuff you cook and walk out with all of the wheel weights.

  10. I prefer the sign on the road, open and away from anywhere that displays, "WARNING: If you can read this, you are in range."

    The hilltop I'm mounting it on already has range stakes...

  11. Old NFO - the ladle was for Mr. B. Midwest Chick got him some great casting stuff for Christmas, and I added the ladle. When the ladle came out we broke into the jingle. hehehehe

    But I've done some casting, with a friend well versed in it, it's not easy, but so worth it.

  12. Mr. B - and it was SO much fun to sing to you, She's awesome!

  13. THAT is good work, Young Lady! :)

  14. Midway's cautionary verbiage (the one for the bullets in their unfired condition, that is) makes me wonder if it's a genericized "Proposition 65 warning," after the California ballot initiative that gave rise to such notices. They are widely seen in places of business as well as on products.

    It is, in my opinion, a case study in well intended bad law, though fortunately its badness is more comic opera than tragedy. The law does not seem to require much information on the nature of the hazard, where it is, or how to mitigate its effects -- only that somewhere on the premises there be dragons. Or at least a goldendoodle with a funny haircut.

    And that's about it -- Midway's warning is actually more specific and useful than most, in that it mentions The L Word. Whether to keep compliance logistics within shouting distance of sweet reason or to keep the plaintiff's bar from claiming that they had guilty knowledge -- maybe a bit of both -- with a few exceptions businesses do not volunteer even that level of information in a Prop 65 warning. Bank lobbies, gas pumps, the airport jetway, and hardware stores with shelf after shelf full of volatile chemicals display essentially the same sign near the front door.

    Punching "Proposition 65 warning" into your favorite search engine will yield examples of these signs -- devoid of usefully detailed information, so ubiquitous as to constitute an alternative state flower, and therefore meaningless.

  15. Yes, the "Prop 65" warnings are everywhere out here in Kalifornia.
    They're on gas pumps, all over the place in home improvement stores, camera shops, and places you wouldn't expect them to be.
    It's like the "daylight headlamps" fiasco. Once *everybody* does it, it becomes just more background noise to filter out.

  16. That's a sad frustrated looking virgin lead ladle.

    Mine is all burnt scorched, covered with lead oxide dross and happy Happy! HAPPY!!

  17. markshere2 - yes, but it was a gift for my friend Mr. B. and I stole it to take a photo before it was wrapped. I'm sure it's happily getting broken in as we speak.


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