Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog Meet - Scotch Eggs and Flying Prairie Dogs

It was the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show, the perfect time for an Indy blog meet.  Everyone has been very busy, lots of travel and many of us bouncing around the landscape like tumbleweeds.  But Tam coordinated time and place and got the word out to meet up at the Brewpub after the gun show .(The gun show is "no photos" but as always, they put on a great event and everyone who attended enjoyed it).

It was at our favorite place, the Broad Ripple Brew Pub, and there were a lot of familiar faces and a new one. Fellow Hoosier Jeff from JB on the Rocks joined the fun and he was certainly a great fit in the group.  He brought everyone bumper stickers.

Oh, this is so cool. Thanks JB, it was great to finally met you.
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And Nathan B., otherwise known as Fuzzy Curmudgeon, brought something for long time blog meet Hostess Roberta X,  a really cool poster.  Roberta has an awesome collection of antique typewriters at home, a couple of which I've typed on at 50 wpm with gusts to 65.
In attendance (seen from the six  o'clock position of the table going clockwise): 

Roberta X , my empty chair,  Engineering JohnsonThe Jack . Nathan B,  Old Grouch, and there past a table of two guys that were between us for a few minutes until we got the whole block of tables,  Rich, Rich's big bro,  P., Og, Jeff, Kerry (non blogger, local shooter and long time attendee), and today's hostess Tam,

The craft brewed beers and the root beers were ice cold and hot food would soon follow. More than one person ordered the brisket sandwich with bacon.
Of course, someone always orders the Scotch Eggs, a BR Brewpub specialty.
But they weren't the only appetizer to hit the table.  There was also chicken tenders, wings, the cheese crock and the giant soft pretzel with Hoosier made stone ground mustard.
Boy, that brisket with bacon looks tasty.  But so were the little individual pizzas.
I had a veggie one with chopped fresh garlic added and Tam went for olives, feta and jalapenos.
The conversation and laughter flowed as quickly as the cold drinks.  With this group, there is no telling where the conversations will go, but within earshot of my end of the table it involved, not just books and food and recent shooty gatherings but:

The engineering of an automatic Prarie Dog Launcher (Pull!) and .308.

Why an all terrain Roomba equipped with a motion sensing paint ball critter dispersal unit might take care of those backyard raccoons (Roberta:  "uh Tam, why are the raccoons blue?")

Of course, then I had that mental image in my head of a bunch of racoons with blue painted faces storming Roseholme Cottage shouting "Freedom!", before the Roomba chases them off again.
We also discussed the difference between Scotch eggs and Scotch Yokes and why,  if our pets had opposable thumbs, there would be a nationwide bacon shortage.

And finally,  what people would wear, if a hundred years from now folks went to some futuristic version of a Renaissance Fest type activity and the attendees were dressed up like us. (Picture it, someone in the future finds all the really awful tactical gear you somehow got and didn't use and will wear it because it LOOKS authentic.)

Future attendee:  "What are you?"

The Jack - "Hi, I'm a blogger!".

Before we headed out, everyone gathered outside to chat a little bit more and enjoy the beautiful Indy sunshine.  It was great to see you all, and thanks to Tam for rounding us up for a wonderful day.