Thursday, August 15, 2013

Posts From the Road - Something Blued

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Blue is good, in a fine blued firearm, or perhaps in the form of blue cornmeal.  Many of you probably haven't noticed the bag of cornmeal that's blue colored in the bulk grain aisle, but you've likely tried one of the blue tortilla chips out there.  I'd picked up a bag of Bob's Red Mill Blue Cornmeal and on Sunday morning early decided to try my hand with a batch.  I tweaked the recipe on the bag a bit, and the results were beyond my expectation.
OK, it looks like a slab of cement with molasses on it, but boy, is this good.

Blue cornmeal is typically a medium grind meal made from blue corn, with a flavor that is both sweeter and more intense than regular cornmeal.  It's not really pure blue but consists of coarse flecks of lapis against lavender-hued slate. Color wise, it doesn't make for a particularly attractive dish, but it makes a delicious one.  It's used in lesser known Southwest dishes such as piki bread (a wafer thin bread of the Hopi) and chaqueque (porridge) as well as other more traditional recipes (and incredible tortilla chips).

It's "grittier" than regular corn meal and has a more earthy aroma. This brand, compared to my stocked cornmeal, has 3 times the fiber and 50% more protein with slightly bit more non saturated fat, making for a filling side dish or light meal in itself for breakfast.

It was slightly more course in texture, though with this recipe, very moist.  I was also sweeter without adding extra sugar, with an almost nutty undertone to it.  The edges, like any good cornbread, baked up nice, golden and crunchy.  Served with molasses and butter, this made for a dandy breakfast and I'm looking forward to trying some other things with the remainder of the bag.