Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Cultured Lab - An Evening with Barkley

Every week, in addition to his walks, if it's not pouring or too hot for anyone wearing a fur coat, Barkley and I head out.  We have a couple places where I can throw a toy and he can safely run off leash for a while in safety.  If it's hot out he gets to go to the creek, sometimes with friends.
Afterwards on those trips, if it's just he and I, we will make a stop on our way home for a frozen yogurt. He waits in the car while I dash in and come out with two red bowls.  He gets a little dab of vanilla in a big snoot sized bowl.  He is usually trying to snoot it through the two front seats before I'm even in the truck and then drags the empty container into the back when he's done.
I was driving past the place while running errands the other night and decided to stop and get one. Though, if I'd gotten one for Barkley too,  it would have been completely melted when I got home.  Sorry, buddy.

I felt kind of bad, he's been in the house all day long without company.  There's no telling what kind of mischief he can get into if he's too unoccupied..

Sorting my laundry (hey look, this has tooth sized holes in it, better throw it out).

Bacon Profiling

Or playing secret Black Lab fantasy games.
I am Bored.  Prepare to be assimilated.

But no matter what, he's always waiting for me with a bit happy Lab grin on his face and a wagging tail, just happy to see me.

When I got home, I set my empty yogurt container in the kitchen as I walked in, to toss in the trash when I got settled.

I expecting to be greeted by Mr. Happy Lab, who is usually waiting on the couch in the next room for me.
This was NOT Mr. Happy Lab.  Not only does he spot the empty yogurt dish, he, apparently, can count to two.
Come on Barkley, let's go.  It's been a long day but what's 15 miles to the gallon for your best friend.


  1. he is such a good dog...no, change that, he is such a good friend. i am glad that he got his treat. he deserves it. like you deserve him.

    your friend,

  2. It is amazing how they "Know". Tonight I was fixing something with tuna and Aggy knew what I had somehow and was waiting for me to open the pouch and give her the empty to lick clean. She wouldn't do it if I got a can of beans out. Strange.

  3. Perhaps you could buy some grocery store frozen yogurt for......er Lab yogurt emergencies. (I too would hate to see him miss out or you have to drive again.)

  4. When both I and the neighbors dog are outside, he gets from me, one snausage. If later in the day we are both outside again and he does not get his treat he sulks on the steps and barely looks at me.
    But the rule is one treat a day and he knows.

  5. they can count to lots more than two... but two is usually enough to get ussnz in trouble when it comes to sharing food with them.
    Ours know where they are on the 'next ones for ___' list.
    Good for you for sharing with him.
    Rich in NC

  6. We had an American Eskimo that would get upset if I drove by our bank without stopping. They always gave him a treat in the shuttle. Started driving a different route just to miss the bank.

  7. Aww...Barkley's a good dog!

    Cody knows the command "Clean Up!". Handy with Monkeys in the house making a mess. Shiloh has yet to learn that command, but boy howdy, does she ever know the sound of an American Cheese singles wrapper! She is a real Cheesehead!


  8. LOLOL! Reminds me of the time I stupidly walked Lagniappe past his favorite ice cream shop late at night when they were closed.

    Dogs can sure count, but they can't tell time, and when you try to tell them that the store people don't live in there 24/7...

    That was one sulky dog for a while after that.

  9. You really didn't think you could sneak that in and all the way to the garbage can without getting busted, did you? LOL Barkley is way to vigilant to miss something that important.

  10. Just read on another blog about a black lab that went to prison for killing a cat. A bit bizarre but then back in the 20's..... weird things happened back then.

  11. Keiki was a pest about ice cream. I swear, that cat could be dead asleep, I could make all the noise I wanted getting the essentials together, and she would be in the kitchen in five seconds flat from when she heard the scoop hit the ice cream. More than once she got her head stuck in a Wendy's cup, trying to lick out the dregs of a Frosty. She would watch you like a hawk until you were finished, or nearly so, with your dish of ice cream, and then she'd turn her begging charm on super-high. She would get MAD if you didn't put the bowl down on the floor for her to lick virtually clean. Keiki would lick out the ice cream carton for longer than any of the others, and her ears would be caked with dried melted ice cream.

    I sure miss that goober.

    Barkley, if you ever come visit, I will have fro-yo for you in my freezer and raw carrots in my fridge.

  12. That just put a BIG smile on my face, this morning! :-D

    Thank you,


  13. I don't believe I'd associate in any way with anyone who could look at that face and not want to get him his treat. Good for you Brigid.

  14. Yup. Know that look. Two beagles in the house, both of them know that Friday nite is (usually) pizza nite. If we go somewhere else that does not provide handy pieces of crust for them (once the rest of the pizza slice is removed by Mommy and Daddy), they get the most pitiful looks on their faces...

  15. You are a good Mom and Barkley is so lucky to have you.

  16. Smiling from ear to ear here. :-)

  17. I love all dogs, big, small, doesn't matter. But, Labs are just special. I had a yellow one, Abby, she died in my arms at 13. Now, a few dogs later, I have a chocolate, Coco. They can worm their way into your heart in a Nano-second. You're a good mom to Barkley, for sure.


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