Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flaming Hotscakes! -

Many of us remember the show Green Acres.  The premise of the show - a successful New York lawyer and his spoiled society wife move to the small town of Hooterville to live on a small farm. One of the more comical aspects to the show was stunning Lisa Douglas' attempts to cook, especially her specialty Hotscakes!, which could also be used as a replacement head gasket on a farm tractor and were served with Martini shaken coffee. 

Other kitchen specialties of Lisa included:
Fried dry oatmeal
Crepe Suzette (flaming hotscake)
Vaffles (hotscakes pressed in a waffle iron)
Tunafish and jelly sandwiches
Tortillas (actual paper plates)
Hot Kebobs (flaming hotscakes on a skewer)
Chicken Sandwich (a rubber chicken between two slices of white bread)
Polarized Chicken (it beeps when it's ready)
and for dessert  . . .
Fruitcake (which had the entire top of a whole pineapple sticking out of the top)

and the ever popular 20 Pound Pound Cake

Like many modern women, Lisa sometimes resorted to convenience foods such as Dee Dee's Dehydrated Mason Dixon Fried Chicken Dinner and Dee Dee's Dehydrated  New Orleans Pompano (which included a bottle of dehydrated wine).
Her loving husband took it in stride, however, somehow mustering the energy to spend the day working on the tractor on nothing more than hotscakes sandwiches and hot water soup.

I tend to like something a little better, at least on Saturdays.

Start with Bacon (don't worry Arnold, it was no one you knew).  

Then add a plate of Buttermilk Cornbread Hotscakes 

My last posted corn pancake recipe tasted like pancakes with a decided corn edge.  Tasty, but I was wanting to tweak the recipe a bit.  This version  tasted just like cornbread, but lighter, with all the crisp wonderful edges that cornbread gets.

1 and 1/4 cup stone ground cornmeal (get the good stuff, not No Name Brand Cornmeal Dust).
1/2 cup flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon sugar
2 dashes salt
1 egg
1 and 1/4 cups buttermilk (or make your own by adding 1 T, lemon juice to milk).
1 Tablespoon melted lard
1 Tablespoon melted butter

Mix, cook on a cast iron griddle.

Served with butter and maple syrup or molasses, they are tasty and filling.

Perfect for a day with the tractor mangler (watch out,  it's now running and it heats)
A full stomach and machines, what kind of trouble could I possibly get into :-)


  1. Thanks,
    Now I have to drive to Oakbrook IL to get "Stoneground Cornmeal" [the real stuff]
    to make my 'hotscakes' with.

    Rich in NC

  2. Rich - Bob's Red Mill makes a course grind cornmeal that's really good.

    Note to all, I forgot the flour! There's a half cup in there, which has been added to the recipe.

    Don't blog before the coffee is done.

  3. mangles tractor jacked up flaps.... well oiled flakes of pone corn.... ahh..... country fastbreak

  4. Every time I get corn meal or even Jiffy cornbread (I know, but it's quick and easy when trying to feed 3 hungry Monkeys and DH!), I keep finding meal worms in it, especially if it sits around the pantry for a while before use. Bleck! I hate bugs in my grains.

  5. Monkeywrangler - freeze grains for 48 hours then store in zip log bags. That will help.

  6. I go one better after freezing. I store in Ball canning jars. One day, I am going to run out of jars, but in the meantime, my food is safe.

    Only once have I had anything but cornmeal dust. I love cornbread but would eat it like dessert.

  7. You, your text, and pics are killin' me!
    (I know, no surprise)

    I LOVED Green Acres! County Agent Hank Kimball was my favorite.

    And, I like hotscakes, too. (although probably closer to your version than Lisa's)


  8. Haven't gotten to the cornmeal flapjacks yet...still happily working my way thru Guinness flapjacks.

  9. Did Lisa use to call them "zip log bags"? :)

  10. Somehow my gluten-free vaffles aren't as bragworthy after munching down memory lane with you...and nearly short-circuiting out my laptop drooling over your photos.

  11. Yum! :) I'm glad you reassured Arnold. That would have been scary for him.

  12. Nice! That is one I'm going to make! :-)

  13. Well, that's one good use for corn meal, if you ain't gonna ferment and distill it!


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