Sunday, September 8, 2013

Forget Wal Mart - We Have Beef Mart

 Some weekends can be told best in pictures.  

Midwest Chick  and Mr. B., thanks for sharing it with Barkley and I.  And  a special thanks to Mr. B,  for the awesome dinner (mmm 4-H bovine). Your steaks with the oregano/sage/pepper rub makes the ones at Ruth Chris taste like Bubba Burgers.  Leaving with a bag with Beef Mart's awesome Amish Bacon was better than desert.  Thanks again, we had a great weekend!


  1. So glad to see the Yuengling's! Now, try their Porter!

  2. That Russian Blue kitten looks like our cat Sweetie. They're the most human-friendly cats I know.

  3. Wish I had a beef mart here :P
    Sadly closest we get is Outback Steak House or Giant Grocery store *sigh*

  4. So, which of y'all is the David Weber fan? I think I have read ALL the Harrington stuff.

    Poor Barkley looks like he was jonesing for some steak too. I hope he got some tasty treats...

  5. John Bord - Indeed. It was shorter than my usual weekend, but we made the most of it.

    irontomflint - mmm. Porter. I so wish we could buy it in Indiana.

    naturegirl - he was one pooped puppy, running around the large property, peeing on everything (which is really going to throw the local coyotes off) and barking at the squirrels and chipmunks. He was pretty quiet on the drive home and is still snoozing on the sofa while I ready for work.

    Mathew - Tank was dumped in the country. Had he not found a home here he'd not likely have survived. Of their four cats, Tank is the most human, and usually the one that sleeps with me.

    immagikman - Outback? Oh you poor man. They may be a "fun" place to eat, but I wasn't impressed with the food the couple of times I had to eat at one while on the road.

    monkeywrangler. I think we all are. Barkley was doing some serious pitiful looks during dinner. But he knows he doesn't get rewarded for begging while we eat.

  6. Looks like it was a VERY good time!

  7. Holy Cow! You were in Valpo? I'm at Beef Mart every couple of weeks. Its where I buy my buffalo and grass fed locally raised beef. Of course everything there is great.

  8. STEAK!
    (Again, you're killin' me)

    Looked wonderful.

    I think I've visited Ruth's Chris three times, maybe four.
    Not in the last 6 years.
    If you and the gang outdid them, BRAVO!


  9. Jennifer - it was fun, always is. I have (am having) a long drive today for work, it was a needed little break first before a couple of long treks this week.

    Rev Paul - there's no danger of starving around there. :-)

    Pink - LOVE their bacon and always come home with a package when I stop. They've got a nice wine selection as well. If you see a tall redhead with a pretty, petite little gal with long hair drooling in front of the meat case, that's probably Midwest Chick and I.

    armedlaughing - Mr. B. can cook up meat like no restaurant I've ever eaten at. (And his dinosaur pancakes are pretty swell).

    Brigid - from the eebook.

  10. Ruth's why didnt I think of that, there is one somewhere in DC....I forgot all about it.

    Pricey but they have a good rep, for good meat :)


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