Thursday, September 19, 2013

Multifunctional - FAIL

Didn't make it past the first audition.
There are some things however, that are pretty tried and true.  Bacon is one of them. When it's Amish Bacon  picked up at Beef Mart, it's even better.

After four very early and long days (today is my Friday) and a four and a half hour drive home (after getting stuck in the fast lane behind an assortment of  Star Whales cleverly disguised as J.B. Hunt trucks),  I was ready for both home and pork products.
Bacon and pancakes, for dinner, perhaps?

We'll start with the bacon.  Then add  a stack of corn pancakes with real Maine Maple Syrup.
It was on the table in 15 minutes.  It's the World's Fluffiest Pancakes recipe with 1/4 cup of the flour replaced with corn meal.
Ahh, time to head out to the shop.  After a meal like this I could take on a Dalek ( or at least establish it's vertical datum line).

Cheers - Brigid


  1. Have a great weekend. Pancakes and bacon make a great meal anytime of the day. Take care

  2. Bacon makes everything better. Especially long days and weird hours. Can't think of a better reward, except maybe uninterrupted shop fun. Enjoy the brief time off!

  3. Ugghh. . . my "dinner" tonight was a plate of sliced raw veggies with hummus with my wine. . . those pancakes and bacon really tugged at my heart!

  4. That is a meal to eat at any hour, day or night, especially the quality items that made it up. NO comparison to a Mcbreakfast that causes a Mcdump.

  5. Someone's been watch a lot of Doctor Who, I see. :)

    That pancake-and-bacon plate looks just about right. It's missing only me ... darn it!

  6. Skip the pancakes just bacon and maple syrup. OK make it a BLT instead. Enjoy the weekend

  7. Mmmm, a little homemade apple sauce with plenty of cinnamon might go well with those pancakes too.

  8. That is good-looking bacon. Here at the inland right coast it is roasted oyster weekend.
    "I need a couple dozen oysters, please."
    "I don't do the dozens, son. I do bushels, half bushels and pecks."
    "Well, a peck then."
    "You got a bucket?"
    "How you gonna haul a peck'a oysters and ice widdout a bucket?"
    I now own an oyster bucket.
    Much paraphernalia if one is going to roast oysters.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Diner was good, shop was good, sleep will be even better. I'll be back to say hello in the a.m.

  10. You didn't put nearly enough syrup on those pancakes!

  11. This Breakfast for Dinner thing is one of the reasons you had dog biscuits in your cookie bag the other morning.
    that LOOKS yummy

    Rich in NC

  12. Try replacing liquid with creamed corn. Oh. Em. Gee.

  13. I love them. I'm a Bisquick dude. 1 cup bisquick. 1 cup frozen whole kernel corn, 1 egg, add milk till you get the consistency you want. All in the food processor. Buttered griddle and thick cut bacon on the side. Uh Huh.

  14. Killin' me! Seriously!

    Looks yummy!


  15. Damn you sure know how to make a diabetic's mouth water :) Well at least I can have some Bacon :)

  16. Oh, Gawd! Glad I just had my 3 frozen gluten-free waffles and cuppa or I'd be chewing on my mouse pad.

  17. I was actually dreaming of this for dinner this week.
    Do you get Kunzler brand bacon where you are ?

  18. Bacon is always a good thing, I just had some with fried eggs and a small bowl of fresh pineapple.


  19. Rich D - pancakes and bacon is always a start of a good weekend.

    naturegirl - I will enjoy it indeed.

    Sherry - most work nights dinner is roast veggies, salad or just a piece of fruit, if lunch was big. But sometimes you just have to fire up the skillet.

    Sunnybrook Farm - I'm not a McFan either

    Rev. Paul - I'd mail you one, but they seem to have disappeared.

    Murphy's Law - I figured you would get that one. :-)

    Mrs. S - I like the way you think!

    mikelaforge - I had to buy some thick cut grocery store bacon recently, not being anywhere near beef mart. It was so thin it could have been used as mosquito netting and the taste. . . not nearly as good. I'm spoiled.

    doublebhomesteak - You can't see the texture of the pancakes for a photo if there's too much, but trust me, there was more :-)

    Rich in NC - Barkley slept through dinner, but he did get an extra treat before bed.

    drang - oh, yum. That's going to get tried soon.

    Stephen - that does sound good.

    gfa - sorry, no pre post food porn warning.

    immagikman - Big Bro is diabetic so I don't make these when he's around, but he does get the bacon.

    Mathew - breakfast today was a tiny bowl of hamster pellets (grape nuts) and yogurt. So I hear you.

    Jane of Virginia - I don't recall seeing it, but next time I'm at the store, I will look.

    idahobob - pineapple is always good, I'm one of the folks that puts it on their pizza as well.

  20. In my hometown of Baraboo, WI, there is a family-owned meat market. One of their specialties is Beef Bacon.

    I kid you not. I bought some, and I just wish I could afford to buy it more often!

  21. gewehr98 - yum! At Goose the Market in Indianapolis they have lamb bacon that's incredible. It tastes like bacon, yet slightly different, richer. Also a bit pricy. Tam and I have had it a couple of times when it's on the menu at our favorite brewpub.


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