Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Half Priced Books - Another Flying story

If you are reading this, the bat phone went off.   So enjoy a post I saved for a rainy day.

All of this for less than $25.  I was especially excited to find the old Cessna Manual of Flight, which was the exact same book (year included) I got my Private Pilot License (even if it was Half Priced Books Priced at $10)   I look it it now, and compare it to another often used reference book, and just laugh, but at the time it was some serious reading.

As a  teen,  I worked at the little local airport most  weeknights and every weekend, while going to the local college.  After we closed for the day, I'd often remain behind with that Cessna book.  The 70+ year old owners upstairs in the apartment built above the place, were within earshot, enjoying their time together, kindly doing all they could to help with my flying education.  I'd stay there for a couple of hours, flipping through a Cessna Pilot Training tape on Cassette, "beep", turn the page, "beep", go get another cup of really horrific machine coffee.  I was working 30-40 hours a week and going to college full time.  Coffee was my friend.

But I loved finding the book.

Look Jon Bon Jovi is using the radio!
Correction - "Jon" is  wearing  huge earrings.  Maybe it wasn't Jon Bon Jovi.  Still, it was  so much fun to look through that book again.

Sleep well, and stay safe.


  1. Oh THAT brings back memories... I hated that combination of cassette and book... Bleep was more correct than beep... I'd get interested in a page, and lose track of the beeps... Fly safe!!!

  2. Our new place is on a hilltop flightpath where little Cessna 172's, Piper Cherokee's, Beechcraft Bonanzas, a nearly translucent Piper Cub, a couple WWII T-6 Texans and (once) a Cessna Skymaster, drop in over our house and hit the glidepath - and sometimes Julie Clark in her T-28... I like it.


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