Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paws for Patriots

Paws for Patriots seeks to use those special canine abilities to help veterans, both physically and emotionally. Paws provides several types of dogs ranging from guide dogs, to therapy dogs for those with PTSD, and facility dogs that visit those in the hospital.

Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon My retired LEO friend, Blogger Six (Warrior Class) has a son in law currently raising money for a Walk-a-Thon  (click on the words for the link) that supports Southeastern Guide Dogs, an organization that depends solely on donations to raise and train dogs for Paws.  His  family  truly felt that this community here would know of the amazing ability for dogs to help heal broken hearts, and so if you feel called to, they would love to invite you to donate and I wanted to spread the word so some vets who need the love and support of a good dog can get it.

I made a donation in memory of Barkley.  I hope some of you can do the same. If you don't have the financial means, as times are hard, simply spread the word or put up a link on your own blog.   Thank you again for the outpouring of love and support these last two weeks.

It helped more than you can imagine


  1. Excellent! Is there a similar group on the West Coast?

  2. Thanks for reminding me of this Brigid. I meant to send something last month when the DO posted it on Warrior Class.

  3. Thank you my friend. My son in law wants me to pass along how touched he is by your gifts and how honored he is to march for Barkley. That goes double for me. You will be touching so many lives with a very special love.

    I am moved. Thank you.

    And to any others who may help my thanks as well. This is such a special community.

  4. I thought about something along this line as soon as we heard about Barkley. I was hoping you would have a better idea on where to donate, and you do. And how ironic - broken hearts directly being able to help heal other hearts. Thanks for the info and links.

  5. I just posted about this and put a link on my sidebar.
    I'm sorry I cannot do more.


  6. I am more than happy to support this cause. Great way to remember an awesome dog.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this for us!! My husband and I are so grateful that in this moment of heartbreak you chose to lend your support to us.

    And thank you to all the readers that helped out! I'm honored to be deemed worthy by both Brigid and you!

  8. Brighid - I'm not sure, maybe Six would know.

    Monkeywrangler - They are collecting funds up through the 22nd. It's much appreciated.

    Six - you're welcome and thanks for the note yesterday and the greetings from Angus the lab. He made me smile.

    naturegirl - you are welcome.

    armedlaughing - thank you so much.

    all - internet where I'm at is spotty at best nor the ability to post anything new, due to security on this laptop. I should be back in range by the weekend. Making a stop at Dad's and will have some photos from there next week. I do have 3 saved posts which will come up automatically, so stop back and say hello.

  9. Tomorrow is payday, and I'll be delighted to help such a good organization.

    Stay safe out there, and have a good time with your Dad.


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