Monday, October 5, 2015

Know your Canine

Name:  Barkley

Breed:  Lavatory Retriever

Distinguishing Characteristics:  Will fetch anything that's soft and squishy, including your very last roll of toilet paper.

What is YOUR pet's secret Pet Breed?


  1. I dunno. My dog is an 11-year old purebred black & tan German Shepherd (with a white stripe behind his shoulders) who's been whining all day every day since he was an 8-week old puppy. Whine whine whine scratch my back!! Whine whine whine retrieve my toy that rolled 2 inches beyond my reach!! Whine whine whine give me what you're eating!! My next dog is going to be another male German Shepherd (I can only have one dog where I am) because his constant whining is absolute music to my ears!!

  2. Chee-Hooa-Hooa.
    Able to ferret out any candy, dough-drops, or tissue (especially fond of USED!).
    And don't dare drop any pills - they too are fair game. And dangerous.


  3. My yellow lab can open any ball jar and consume the contents. He prefers kefir and jalapeño jelly. He can also drag cast iron off the stove and frozen turkeys from the sink . He is real special, lol.

  4. German Shedder. Our four footed fuzz factory.

  5. Peppermint candy stealing, plastic wrapper spitting poodle, or the hoover poodle for short. Just the other day I thought a piece of peppermint candy slid out of the candy dish as I was putting it back on the shelf, but when I looked down there was nothing on the floor except Chloe gazing up at me with the expression something like "nope didn't see anything hit the floor, mom". Later I found a tiny piece of candy stuck to the blanket on her favorite chair, and a sticky spot on the kitchen floor, and another sticky spot on the hardwood floor next to her bed. Oh, and little bits of plastic wrapper keep appearing in strange places.

  6. Two German Shepherds, classified as Canus Annoyingus. One steals anything edible that he can find in the kitchen and the other now steals anything cardboard just for the joy of shredding it.


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