Thursday, August 19, 2010


Almost 4 million people have discovered daily life at Home on the Range. I'll probably hit it by the end of the weekend and am frankly, amazed. The first public post was in May of 2008 (though I have recipes archived behind that for lack of a better place to put them). A lot of people have visited, coming back again and again to share in laughter and tears, dog stories, gun stories, and of course bacon. The writing helps me unwind, and your sharing in my often solitary life has brightened up many a long day on the road.

Along with the many, kind and uplifting comments I get questions. None have been rude but they are usually posted with "please do not post this! But I wished to know". Most I did not answer at the time. But for you, the inquisitive but polite, here you go - Brigid's HOTR answer forum.

1. What is your current relationship status?

2. What are your views on marriage?

3. What is your favorite man's cologne?

4. What's in your purse?

5. Does size really matter?

6. What is the last movie you watched that you loved?

7. Where do you live?

8. Do you prefer a Bath or Shower?

9. Where do you work?

10. Who do you look like?

11. What do you drive?

12. What did you do on Saturday?

13. What did you do on Sunday?

14. I'm from California and I LOVE nature. Do you belong to any environmental groups?

15. We know you love bacon, what is your second favorite breakfast treat?

16. You are up early! Are you a morning person?

17. I love your recipes. What's your secret to fresh tasting fried chicken?

18. What you would say if you were free to say ANYTHING on the blog.

Thanks again, all of you, for the kindness, for the support, for the friendship.

Love - Brigid and Barkley


  1. Thank you for sharing your gift of words, and talent for tasty recipes. My words are, at best, a pale imitation ... but yours are a gift from God.

    Dduw bendithia 'ch , 'm chyfaill.

  2. Most nights I visit here before calling it a day. Either serious of humor I was glad when I found your site. Thank from me for all that you have shared. Dont always make a noise and let you know that I am out here but I am. May God bless you and keep you at the top of your game.

  3. I understand that there is, indeed, now a Hoppes No. 9 cologne.

    Dear God, how could any man not remember Mrs. Peel?

  4. Mrs. Peel, who else!
    ALL guys *my age* would recognize her in a heartbeart.
    Congrats on FOUR MILLION visits, and your pix and verbage were just hilarious.

  5. No, Thank you for now keeping me occupied during student labs and so much more. Thanks for the words and images.

    A pitch pipe? Is that for the "if you hum a few bars I can fake it" moments in life?

    LOL at the cone of silence! Huh, what! I can't here you!

    Thanks for sharing your gift again!

  6. See what happens when you're GOOOOOD!!

  7. Congrats on the 4 mil! That's awesome! I love the contents of your purse, BTW :) And I REALLY like your second choice for breakfast.

  8. I was born in the 70's but I know who the lady with the gun is. Reruns are great and classics will stand even as time passes. Uma Thurman did the role no justice whatsoever.

  9. Reverend Paul! Ach Cymraeg :-)

    God bless them both indeed. I couldn't have said it better myself, although I guess I did translate it ;-)

    The numbers show there are more intelligent and mellow people out there than one would think, and Bridget is a natural at bringing us together.

    As always Ma'am, a sincere and grateful thank you for your wit, your prose, and your good heart.

  10. She's Diana Rigg as Emma Peel from The Avengers but I believe you use a better grip on a revolver than she does.

    Not sure what to make of #1 and #2.

    Two years already? Actually I found your blog several months after you started it. With such a great blog I'm not surprised by the 4 million visitors. Of course you know that I'm here every day.

  11. Outstanding, young lady! I was LMBO at some of the question/pic combos.

    Oh, and Mrs. Peel could learn a thing or two from you, I'm sure.


    w/v = nocascru (That's how they get loose, right?)

  12. Is that Valerie Bertinelli? Whoever it is, she needs to grip One Hundred and twenty percent tighter! TBS is approching 40,000, and I try to take care of my loyal fan club of 6 or 7 by posting regularly. My YouTube videos are over 800,000 now, and it is gratifying to know that others like to listen to old records. Keep doing what you do, Brigid. You are an inspiration to all of your readers, and you make our lives brighter!

  13. Oh, you WANT people to comment!

    Happy 4 mil, now- why do you have a cable splitter in your purse?

  14. Looked up Mrs. Peel, and I had never noticed that a young Diana Rigg so resembled V. B. Oh Well. I saw a Roy Rogers show last week, and I was struck by the youth of Roy and Dale Evans. They were much older when I watched them fifty (Gasp) years ago.

  15. Re the violin tuner. Current post is about shining the fiddle.

  16. four million .... congrats

    a famous young lady

  17. Brigid,

    I was standing at Home Depot getting paint...I have no idea why...and reading your post. I was laughing and smiling as I went through it. And, I noticed that the people all moved away from me!

    Thank you for your wonderful wit, wisdom, and charm.

    You make my day.


  18. Where can I get the "Green Piece" mug in a 1911?

  19. Congrats B! I'm up to about 40 myself ;)

  20. The three most beautiful things to come out of the UK are:
    The Spitfire airplane.
    The E Type Jaguar.
    Diana Rigg.

  21. Still love the Secret Squirrel!

  22. Four Million!

    Hearty and sincere congratulations, my dear.
    I knew I was in good company and among people of taste.

    I am, alas, old enough to remember The Avengers from the original TV airings. Thankfully, I am also young enough to remember Mrs. Peel primarily in regard to her leather catsuit.

    Now that the comparison has been made, may we expect a picture of you in similar attire?

    But I forget my manners; this is a celebraton, not a bacchanalia.

    Thank you for the gift of being who you are, and for sharing that with us.
    Much happiness to you, Brigid, and a good bellyrub for Barkley.

    All the best,

  23. Congratulations!!!! I contribute to some of the 4 mil.

    Strange that you are packing a revolver. Always thought you are the USP ... .. ...

  24. Excellent. I like the violin pitch pipe too. I haven't read the entire archive yet, but you're too interesting not to have music in amongst all your other talents. Nice post. :)

  25. @B.- +1 on anything is better in 1911!

    Again congrats on the 4 mil, I just look at my blog as cheaper than therapy!

  26. Diana Rigg hosted "Mystery" on PBS for nearly 15 years until the program dropped the host format (budget cuts?). She took over for Vincent Price when I was still in college.

  27. Sweeet suffering rhebus! Four mill! Well, I'd say congratulations are in order.


  28. Congradulations on the 4 million views. I remember when we were kids, mom would try and make the powder sugar covered rosettes. I say tried, because they disappeared faster than she could make them. With four kids and dad, I don't know if she ever got one. Chocolate chip cookies suffered the same fate. And who could forget Mrs. Peel, though I think you have her beat on firearm usage. Nice post as usual.

  29. Please, you have given us enough glimpses, Emma Peel has nothing on you, especially style.I just lost my dad last week, and your words help for me to remember the good and the future. Blade Runner uncut,very favorite. We could definitely hang out on Saturday's. I will bring the ammo.

    4,000,000 what a milestone, but well deserved, I still appreciate the person who turned me on to your blog, so many simular experiences its not funny. You are only the 3rd person I know that had a Johnny 7 OMA,.

    Best of luck Red.

  30. On Marriage #2 You think the hubby should spear the wife with a pitchfork? :-)

    I miss Calvin and Hobbes :-(

  31. Congratulations on reaching 4 million!

    I hope that someday you'll publish book with a collection of your wonderful stories and photos in it. I think it would be a great addition to anyone's library.


    (BTW, if you don't have one RangerUp sells a great "Secret Squirrel" shirt. I've been wearing mine proudly for a couple of years)

  32. Congrats Brigid! Wonderful work here. I am a subscriber and a regular reader and I must say that two of the things in love most are found here. Home sweet Home and the range :)
    Great work, Keep it up.

  33. Congrats to four MegaReaders! Could you imagine when you took your first picture of baked goodie or yet smoking goodie that so many people will want to see them too? :)

  34. M25

    Add me to your list of Johnny7 owners. A most awe inspiring toy! Sadly lost when my parents decided to move home after us kids had moved out to places of our own.

    I spent much of my middle childhood years searching for the little white plastic bullets that I had fired into the shrubbery keeping the bad guys off the perimeter wire.


    Congrates on the 4M.

    When is the book coming out? LOL


  35. Lesee.... Redhead, check; secret sqwerril, check; pilot, check; fiddler, check; shooter, check; hunter, check; hellova cook, check; writer that can make a grown man cry/laugh, check; wheels all the way to Barstow, check; artist, check; photographer, check; been there and got the shirt, check.
    And you wonder way 4 mil?
    Grats Doc! We love ya.

  36. Congrats on the 4mil milestone. Too many really good blogs just seem to run out of steam. May yours never...

    Could not recognize the pitch pipe. Had me stumped. Not the Model 66 though. Was my first duty gun while on road patrol, but with a 4" bbl, w/the wood grips (we are talking the early 70's. And now you've got my age pinned down).

    Best - Don

  37. Congrats on the 4 mill. Not surprised - your great writing would keep most people coming back.

    I've not commented before. I've just been silently enjoying.

  38. Does Blogger have a "partner" program like YouTube where you receive money for running a popular site?

    I don't think the checks are very large, but every little bit helps these days. And I have no doubt Google makes money off of your work; the income/education demographics of your audience have to be through the roof.

  39. Waitaminit! That's only 18! Don't we get to ask 20 questions?

    And seeing what you carry in your purse and what you do with your weekends, I have a sneaking suspicion that your violin case isn't always used to carry a violin!

    Congrats on the 4 mill, Brigid!

  40. Congratulations Brigid !! I'm happy and proud to be one of the 4 million grateful recipients of your wit, wisdom, and recipes. Aren't you glad to know that there are four million people out there who are safe, wise and well-fed thanks to you?

  41. Congratulations! Not only do you have something to say, but you say it in a way that we can relate, understand, and feel privileged share the walk with you.

    Thank you and here's to your next 4 million!

  42. Very impressive to say the least and well deserved.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Muzzleloader Testing

  43. I swooned over the pickup... Nice! And the green piece mug is hilarious. Keep up all the writing, I love it!

  44. Do you play Violin or play "The Fiddle." My dad always said there was a difference!


  45. Okay, okay, okay - I had to Google Mrs. Peel. I was born in 1971, so I have a valid excuse.

    I can proudly say that I've made a hefty contribution to the 4 mil in the 8 months that I've been reading this blog - and I'll continue to do so until you hit 10 and beyond!

    Other than all that - the q/a, the photos, the wit - love it all, just like I love you B.

    Incidentally, I got all the answers to Lorimor's questions correct...that just might mean I know a lot about you, or it might be slightly pathetic...I'll let you decide.

  46. No, thank you Brigid, for sharing your life, wit, charm and delicious food with all of us!

    (and of course Barkley, who is NOT food)

    I didn't recognize the redhead woman with the gun either, but then I'm a youngin'.

  47. Thanks for all the great reads, Brigid, and for the recipes.
    Today's blog is going on my FaceBook with the sincere hope that many more will learn to visit and enjoy what the rest of us have already discovered.
    Happy 4 million views and may you reach many returns of that day!
    Keith (garlicguy)

  48. Hey, I recognize that revolver in your purse. I have one too.

    And I had to get the Blade Runner DVD because I had worn out the VHS.

  49. Well done! Keep up the good work and...THANK YOU!

  50. Tarnation!! What a milestone! I loved your photo selection (tho shame on RB for the lack of Peel experience...) - I especially liked the last photo. Brought a quick tear.

    You are the best.

  51. Brigid,

    I have been reading this for quite awhile and I'm glad you finally answered those important questions. The bloody farmer made me laugh out loud. You have a real gift for expressing yourself. Keep up the good work.

  52. Good work and congratulations earned!

    Oh, and Heh

  53. Can't say as I instantly recognized Diana Rigg as "Ms. Peel", however I did recognize her as Mrs. Tracy Bond...

    I DID yell "FIZZGIG!" when I saw him.

    Do you like Deckard's story better as a human or a replicant?

    Congrats on 4M!

  54. Anyone who starts a post with a picture of Calvin and Hobbes is worthy of repeat visits!

  55. Have been reading for quite a while and a fair number of those visits are mine I'm sure. Still love your writing. Diana Rigg was one of my favorites and what do you know now you are too!

  56. Along the thick bacon line of thinking....

    Up here next to our neighbors to the North, we vacation many times in Ontario, and always look forward to "peameal" bacon. It does neither my BP or cholesterol levels any good, but everything in moderation.


  57. 4 mil...congrats. Quality will tell.

    Isn't your purse missing a PEZ dispenser and re-loads?

  58. The comments and pictures were good for 4-5 really good laughs. Missed a few of the references in the pics but I don't get out much.

    Congrats on yer stats. You earned them.

  59. Bridgid

    I have a wildly eclectic taste in music and fiddlin' falls within the range. I myself can't make a note vocally or with an instrument but I'll share my favorite fiddlers. I may be wasting my time (you probably know all of them) but I'll list 'em anyway.

    Jazz - Joe Venuti great old timey big band guy

    Bluegrass/swing - Vassar Clements and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

    Rock/Jazz - Papa John Creach


    Leahy - a talented group of siblings. Donnell is the fiddler
    On youtube check
    Leahy a call to the dance
    Leahy & the chieftans - B minor
    Leahy - Kings dance

    Ashley MacIsaac - a strange dude from Cape Breton check out on Youtube Ashley MacIsaac - Fiddlin (He's in a red camo t-shirt fiddlin in front of the Chieftans doing Irish dance while he fiddles up a hurricane. Just FYI you don't have to print this.

  60. Kudos, Brigid! and like so many other readers, you can summon tears from me. Thanks.
    @Beprepared - Tracy! 'Theresa was a saint'...the BEST Bond movie!

  61. Congrats Brigid!

    I agree with you on the last picture. I LOVE that movie.

  62. You should put up some blog ads and retire on the revenue. ;-)


  63. I'll get you Brigid. One of these days, one of these days, I'll get you. 4 million in just 2 years. It took me FOUR painstaking, hard, grueling, blood-sweat-and-tears YEARS to manage to reach a mere 3/4 of a million. Puny.

    And now here you are in your smugness, gloating over your 4 million fans in 2 freakin' years. Yes, you gloat. Don't think I didn't notice.

    Yes, one of these days, one of these days, I'll get you Miss Brigid Smarty Pants!



  64. That should read 'dessert.' I don't want to bring to anyone the desert. LOL/

  65. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the pictures. (I have to admit, though, I do not understand the last one.)

    I am a relative newcomer to your blog but I am not surprised at all you hit the big numbers. I look forward to each one. Thank you for all your hard work.

    My only criticism: the site needs more Canadian Bacon.

  66. Brigid,
    Thanks for posting that great synopsis of yourself. I apologize for not visiting your blog in a while. Things have been crazy this summer.

    However, I love your blog and appreciate what you share. I am always enlightened and warmed by what you have to say.

    Truly a Renaissance Woman for sure.

    Take care and I'll be stopping by more often. Can't stay away from what you have in the oven for very long!


  67. Be warned, I got that package off to Tammmy today, and it includes the item Mrs. Scary Editor Lady wanted you to read.

    Also, a YouTube patch to one of my cousin Brian's gigs. Imagine, a red headed fiddler. Whoodathunkit!

  68. RE #2 - excuse me while I pick myself up from the floor. Grant Wood was a fellow Iowan, but that's the first time I've seen that particular rendition of American Gothic.
    RE #16 - how did you get that picture of me?!?!?! The best part of morning is afternoon, because it's over by then. Good thing I work nights.
    Your site is a welcome port on an often storm-tossed sea. My compliments to the harbormaster, and to her stalwart companion as well.


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