Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Joys of Travel

- a day in the life of a traveling Squirrel.

I stay in places that have TV's in the bedroom bigger than mine, and with many more channels. I've always just purchased basic cable as I don't watch much TV, or HBO or anything like that. Mythbusters, Man vs. Food, Dirty Jobs, Discovery, History, war movies, sci fi like Firefly, B.G., Red Dwarf, that sort of thing.

So when I have access to a fancy TV as I get ready for sleep I have fun looking through all the channels. But since I've usually been through multiple time zones and have been awake a long time, I start clicking buttons without really looking, sometimes getting QUITE the surprise

Picture the conversation - I'm channel surfing when my buddy Miles, from the International Sneaky Service, checks in to say hi and asks if I'm settled in safely.

M. -"I'm watching Two Mules for Sister Sara!"

B. - "I'm going to watch a movie too!" (click, woah!) . . . . . "Uh, I'm not sure what it is but it's definitely NOT G rated "

M. -"What movie?"

B. -"Hang on." (turns up sound)


B. - "I'm not sure, but I think it's called, let's see here. . . . "weapons of ass destruction."

M. - (long pause)

B. - "Either that or a really intense episode of MacGyver"

M. - (chuckle) "MacGyer?"

B. - "Well, there's a beautiful woman, some gadgets and look! Something exploded!"

M. - (can't speak, he's laughing too hard)

I'll be on the road a lot the next couple of weeks and hopefully can find "Mythbusters" on to watch in the week hours. I'm not sure where all I'll end up. Since I've exceeded Platinum status as a frequent hotel guest and am something like the Kryptonite level, I get waters and snacks in my room. But sometimes I get lucky and stay in cities where I can find something other than a mint on my pillow to fortify me for another day of playing Agent 000.