Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cowboy Action. .


No, that really wasn't how I planned to spend my Saturday. But with a lot of chores to do and a forecast for occassional heavy rain, sticking around the homestead was going to be it today.

At least I can make something like. . .

Cowboy Action Cookies

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With peanut butter, oats, vanilla, dark chocoate mini chips and M and M's they are a family favorite.

Dense but soft and filling, have two with a cup of cowboy coffee and you'll be able to make it through that afternoon gunfight. But try to stick to two, or you might need a new belt.


  1. cookies look yummie... when will coffee be ready.... on the way... cup in hand.

    Has hard time dealing with fancy pop guns, chrome plated or stainless.

    Grew up with died in the wool blue.

    Fancy guns were for the dudes n green horns.

  2. I'll bet Barkley likes to hang with Mom when she's baking. Little bits of dough wind up in our Labs quick mouth; I don't know if it's accidental or not.

  3. I thought I had learned how to deal with this site in a pure cerebral fashion but dang it women! Nice holster! There goes 6 months of work down the drain.

  4. Sad weekend news.

    As a "Red Dwarf" fan, I trust you saw "Star Gazer"/"Star Hustler" finishing out the half hour quite a few times. Most PBS stations ran the clips as filler since the Miami station made them freely available to affiliates.

    RIP, Jack Horkheimer

  5. Cookies look great. They would have gone great with the feed we had after the shoot today.

    Wish you and your cookies could have been here.

    BTW, John Wesley Hardin carried a Nickel plated Colt Lightning, with pearl grips. Call him a dude or a green-horn and his tally would have been 42 instead of 41...I'm just sayin'

  6. Cookies look great but I am gonna have to say the Ruger Super Blackhawk looks more yummy to me!

    Nice western rig, got to clean pretty much the same set up for a friend sometime back.

  7. Are you gonna pull that pistol or whistle Dixie?

  8. Brigid,

    Hmmm, to taste cookies like that again... Oh wait, I'll be home on R&R in a week or so! I think I'll call ahead and tell 'em to get the stuff together so I can make some!

    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: Saturday Blog Rodeo 8/21/10

  9. Cookies with M&M`s.. Great idea! Now I realized that we do the same thing with commie copy of M&Ms called Lentilky.. Hmmm, munchies. Going to kwik-e-mart to get some.

  10. Keads,the Ruger in the Holster is a
    Ruger Vaquero not a Super Blackhawk that is the gun on the place mat with a plate of ammo & a fork.

  11. Oh man those cookies look delicious - they'll definitely be on my 'must bake' list. The guns? Well, you know how I feel about those - they give me a warm feeling that is even more comforting than cookies at times. HOWEVER...I am drooling over the front loader too. I'm diverse that way.

  12. @ajdshootist- thanks for the clarification! I have limited exposure to Mr. Ruger's handiwork. Two models to be exact!

  13. Over here in the UK we can no longer
    have handguns but when we could i hade a Ruger Super Blackhawk a great gun,had used the Vaquero in 45lc belonging to a friend but never owned
    one the only handguns we can own are
    Blackpowder cap and ball ones now,old
    pistols like a S&W Russian in .44 rus
    but we are not allowed to shoot them.


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