Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some Time off.

Woke to a early winter day,  hardly enough light to take a picture.  I will be back tomorrow with an actual (not saved) post. I've put in a lot of hours and travel this week and I was ready for some R and R, especially after the long commute home. (Yes, it's a flip phone, I still know how to beat your ass at Asteroids too :-)

But just so you don't worry. I have the "three B's on standby. Barkley, Bacon and Biscuits (with lingonberry preserves.)  See you tomorrow!
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  1. Funny thing: I have Jeremiah Johnson next to my pistols, too.

    I'm actually glad that you still feel, through all the things you must see & do professionally. The worry would be if you felt little or nothing.

    Rest well - recuperate - and stay safe.

  2. I wondered if your batphone would be ringing this week. Have a good rest, Brigid.

    PS - Know what's great about Kevlar gumdrops? They always bounce back ;)

  3. Be thinkin' 'bout ya. Breathe deep.


  4. I very much prefer to work with people who still get bothered by our jobs. Enjoy your time off and let it go.

  5. Lingonberry? My Swedish grandpa would be so proud.
    Speaking of Sweden, while you are taking some time off and if you are looking for a good read, may I recommend "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played With Fire". They were both very good and set in Sweden. In fact, they are both translated from Swedish.

  6. A tough young cop reporter could blubber away his his Hildy Johnson self-image when he saw the toddler with cigaret burns on his feet. He just had to wait until he got home.

  7. Would you believe it is 90s and sunny at PDX today? I flew out to rent a house this weekend and the temps felt like I was back in Tampa.

    The big downside of a warm day in Portland is seeing how many otherwise pretty girls have ruined themselves with "ink" (tattoos). Maybe I'm getting old.

  8. May I recommend a treatment of "Dr. Horrible"? Self-medicated with same myself today and it did help...

    Take care, be still, enjoy.

  9. Oh, good grief. I respectfully disagree with the 'Girl Who Bored Readers To Death, While Depressing Them Mightily' recommendations.
    They are grim, bleak, and too much like your work after a tough week. ('Dragon' is an 'A,B,or C' mystery, which will have you thinking 'what about "D"?', after forty pages. The solution is, of course, D. There are two hours I'll never get back again.)
    Stick with Mr. Pratchett! Hope the tight feeling unwinds soon.

    Best wishes,

  10. Sorry you had such a rough week. Hope you have a restful weekend. Good choice in movies. Haven't seen that one in a while.Take care.

  11. "Tear up like a...."

    Like a Glenn Beck?

    Like a Larry?

    Why is "like a girl" a Bad Thing?

    If you need a break, take ma break.

    Thanks for what you do.

    Oh. And, ...

    Pretty biscuits. recipe?

  12. Take care.

    I imagine it will take you a couple of days to figure out how to reload that brass so it functions in that pistol! Good Luck.

  13. Sleep easy and rest up, renew your spirit and know you have many people all around that will pray for you.

  14. My girlfriend loved a book I sent her.
    "Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter"
    Diane has a suitably warped sense of humor.
    A warped mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    Have a nice break.

  15. Have a good rest. Reload lots of bullets.

    As for me, I'm having biscuits, bacon and eggs (over easy).


  16. Enjoy the downtime, you get too little to actually decompress like you need to, but take what you can get. The biscuits look delicious!

  17. Hmmmm...I could have used those biscuits with my fresh cooked pinto beans! ;)


  18. I doing a web search for moving target designs I ran across this. I thought you might find it amusing.
    Enjoy you time off.

  19. It's been a tough couple weeks - take care of yourself, and I hope you get your breath back, feet under you, and enough goodness to fill the mental reserves before you have to tackle anything else.

    Enjoy the zen of reloading and the sheer blissfull happiness of Barkley, as well as the biscuits! Hope you get more sunshine than I have, too!

  20. Any time you want to meet for coffee, just give me a shout. I'm free most Saturday mornings.

  21. We'll all wait patiently for Monday. Get your shoes off, your feet up on the table, and cruise.

    It must be nice to think of reloading as a hobby.

    My business partner is off swimming around and under various bridges for Homeland Security next week, so I'll spend most of my evenings either in front of a reloading machine, or looking at my lead pot as another four 230 grain blobs of molten linotype cool into .45 acp bullets.

    But I'm just back from a week at the shore, with the head to toe sunburn to prove it, and chock-a-block full of endorphins.

    You go get some too, and come back with a smile. If life only knows how to hit you, turn it into a back rub. We'll all be here.

  22. Hope you are enjoying your time off. I will venture a guess of .303 brit on the brass. Happy reloading and the biscuits with jam look tasty.

  23. I'll stick with my original guess that the brass are 7.62x54R Russian. .303 British doesn't have a groove in front of the rim.

  24. I'm guessing .303 Brit also.

  25. It's a RE weekend - REcharge, REload and RElax! There are more, if it suits your mood: REflect, REmember, REjoice!

    Be well,

  26. Everybody deserves a break from work. We are just human and we cannot carry too much load. Day-off is something every working guys out there is looking forward to. Enjoy you're weekend and make it fruitful by spending it with your family. It is something we are all missing especially during busy days. I got a suggestion, how about learning the basic self defense with your family so that whenever you are at work you are confident with their safety.

  27. Ahh, M'Lady, know you have more prayers and thoughts said and sent than you have gorgeous red heads on your lovely head.

    Peace out, my friend.

  28. I don't think there is anything better than home-made biscuits, split and layered with home-made preserves. I prefer strawberry but will accept blackberry in a pinch.

    Second best is said biscuits covered with home-made sausage gravy. Lots 'n lots of gravy.

  29. Nothing wrong with tearing up like a girl. You have to be who you are in your heart. Don't sweat it.

    FYI. My aunt's cheddar cheese biscuit recipe. Easy, and delicious. I substitute shredded frozen butter for the vegetable oil.


    Lizzy's Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

    Sift together
    2 cups flour
    1 tsp salt
    3 tsp baking powder.

    Shred a cup of cheddar cheese, add to the dry ingredients.
    Add a bit of parsley.
    Add 1/3 of a cup of oil, and blend into dry flour.
    Add 2/3 of a cup of milk (or buttermilk), and mix.
    Knead ten times.

    Roll out, cut, and bake at 425 for 12 - 15 minutes.


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