Friday, January 20, 2012

COME TO THE BARK SIDE - Bacon Maple and Whiskey Scones

Bark Bark Bark!
The day dawned clear and really cold and I'd overslept past when I normally get up and let Barkley out. My day off, I still needed to get up and hop over to the Physical Therapist's.

Barkley really wanted a walk, but I can't for some weeks yet, so he went out on the zip line to take care of business, then grudgingly came in for breakfast. He seems to understand I'm not moving normally. But even though he's getting extra pats and treats, he still needs his exercise. Fortunately, his Aunt Tam has always taken care of him any time I asked her to and coworkers and my friend EJ have walked him a number of times.

Bark Bark. Stop and give me the "don't you feel guilty the way you mistreat me I'd call the SPCA if I had opposable thumbs" stare.

When I got home, I called some of my team who work the early early shift to ask if anyone could walk Barkley after work. Everyone has been great at work, moving things around where I can get to them easily, getting my coffee and stuff from the printer and offering to help with house and dog. Sure! a couple of them said, passing by my place on the way home. The more the merrier. I put a pot of coffee on and set out to frying some bacon and preheating the oven.

Nothing quite says "thanks guys" like warm from the oven Bacon Maple Whiskey Scones .

They are flaky and tender with a hint of genuine Canadian maple syrup and nutmeg and studded with chunks of Northern Indiana Amish bacon, then drizzled with a sweet maple whiskey glaze. The recipe doubles easily, and I'd suggest it if baking for more than 2 or 3. Several were consumed warm around the kitchen counter while Barkley tried to climb everyone's head. I saved one, and the rest were wrapped in foil and put in containers for all to take home after Barkley got a quick walk and the trash was taken out. Thanks!!

Come to the Bark Side. We have bacon.

Love - Brigid