Friday, February 10, 2012

Night Off! - with update!

Between physical therapy, long hours and the knee, it's been a long week. I'm still having a little trouble maneuvering solo around the shower while standing and ended up getting out of the shower one morning with baby oil in my hair (don't ask), the knee extra sore and one of those shower scrubbies with a suction cup wall attachment stuck to my backside like a giant leech. Add to that, being stuck at a desk for three months instead of field work, and "I haven't had a long walk in days" ADDD (Attention Deficit Disorder Dog) and I'm ready for something fun.

I need a couple of days with friends. No posts this weekend other than the Ruger review I saved to come up. . A recipe may follow :-) Or at least a picture of an empty olive jar.

Off we go, Barkley in his special harness that hooks into the seatbelt, so he can't become The Amazing Projectile Dog in the event of a sudden stop, off to spend some time as well with some of the gang up north and Schmoo the female black lab. (No Barkley you're not wearing Brut. You got a bath at the groomers, that will do).

I'm glad I used some annual leave and left early, it was already starting to snow when I rolled in, the tractor ready out front if needed (don't worry Mr. B., the photo doesn't show the serial number :-).

The house is in order, Barkley doing his imitation of a demented air compressor when we rolled into the driveway and he recognized where we were at. It's Aunt MC's and Uncle B's! Where's EJ and Og and Mrs. Og? Old NFO called, wishing he could join us as he's off somewhere in the far reaches of the world again. But for now, we were here and safe and Barkley was one happy puppy.

Schmoo and Barkley are soon curled up snoozing. The cats, Socks and Tank, look as excited as ever to see me. Bob and Goldie the cats are missing. Goldie is mellowed out in the cat rack. Where's Bob, Huck the cat's doppelganger?

From behind the property the snow continues, the light fades. Soon creatures of fang and claw will be looking for prey, sneaking up on the unsuspecting. We're all safe inside. . .what's that noise behind me, up high?

Aghhhhhh! BOBCAT!

Ok, now that my blood pressure has returned to normal (for weighing about as much as a Shelby Mustang, that cat is tactical, I swear) it's time for some Yuengling, a call to another close friend who I hope will join us tomorrow and some bread to be baked with Midwest Chick after supper.

For now, waiting for everyone to get back from errands and work and 8 inches of snow forecast, it's looking like a nice night to stay in.

Cheers! - B.