Monday, February 13, 2012

Stuck on You

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A few of us were having a conversation a while back about women and gifts. I said, "I'm not a big fan of flowers. You get them, and they just die, and you have to throw them out and that's just sad" (not to mention other fun things the money could be spent on). I know, that's not the typical female thinking, but then again I own 4 pairs of shoes and would rather play in the shop than actually shop. I'm can pull off an evening dress with the best of them but I'm just not all emotional girly/blinky eyed about some things that others think are romantic.

"But what about roses? " someone asked. I thought about it for a minute. "They are pretty, but I don't like the scent of roses, not at all."

But tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and to my surprise, someone showed up with a surprise for me before they had to catch a flight somewhere.

What is this?

It looks like roses.

It IS roses, but not just regular roses, roses out of the ordinary. Each one was individually crafted on an antique table in a place I'm familiar with, with care, from my favorite household product . . . Duct Tape!

Each one, perfect, durable, in varying stages of opening, just like live flowers. They also came in many colors but not pink which I hate. And they don't smell like roses. When they were presented with a smile, I was instructed to breathe deep. Wiith a little assist from some cooking extract, they smelled like anise, black licorice, my favorite candy, of which a box of the good kind, is often in my truck.

Like true friendship, some things are meant to last.

Yeah, I got all girly/blinky eyed, but don't tell anyone.


  1. I made duct tape roses out of crazy colors, pretty fun.

  2. Kentucky Chrome flowers? Now I've seen everything. :)

  3. I saw EJ's post this morning and kinda knew you were getting some and figured you would like them. He did an excellent job putting those together.

    Showed his post to Jen at lunch. She got a laugh from it.

  4. BK, yes they were.

    Professor H. - I hit the wrong button, sorry about that. Thanks, they are clever, and I don't mind dusting them one bit. :-)

    HatTrick - It was a great little surprise.

  5. So cool

    Have a good cupid's day, pause and smell....

  6. Duct-tape roses? EPIC WIN!!!! Someone needs to post an Instructable on how to make those!!!

  7. Well, as one that would melt at the sight of real roses, I have to admit, duct tape roses take a lot more time and creativity!!!

  8. For me, the best thing about your post is what you didn't say.

    He made those roses for you. He made them. For you.

    To me...that is more meaningful than any bauble, any heartfelt Hallmark emotion, or any sought after dinner reservation could ever be.

  9. Awwwwwwww.....

    Now that's a smart and thoughtful person who pays attention. And knows how to fold their duct tape. Rock on!

  10. Kirk! Do a quick Google of duct tape flowers. Lots of tutorials, videos, etc. Super easy to make, and you can do them with ANY color. I used pink, regular silver and the paint splatter print tape for mine.

  11. You didn't do the girly hand-wave thing though so a little blinky is okay. ;-)

  12. Midwest Chick - thanks. Though I did the girly hand wave one time. I was on the back of a 100 plus foot Broward boat. I was on duty.

    It was the mid 90's. There I was, long red hair down my back, just reading my book, trying to look "casual" when a boat load of tourists went by, spied the yacht and the hair and said "Look it's Fergie!" (no, the former Royal, not the pop star). What could I do but smile and give them the little wave. :-)

  13. Brigid,

    He is a good man. He has even better taste.


  14. Dang... he set the bar pretty high for the rest of us average guys...

    Dann in Ohio

  15. Cool Roses and better yet, no worries if they freeze - a particular challenge in the cold north during February.

    I do still like real roses, but prefer that they be in season. The pink ones usually have the best fragrance. Sorry Brigid, but selective use of pink is fine by me, especially if it is naturally occurring.

    Definitely agree with you on pink paint though, ick.

  16. Someone brought a smile to your face. What an exquisite gift!

  17. "Dang... he set the bar pretty high for the rest of us average guys..."

    Kinda what I'm thinkin'...

    Brigid - have you tried salted licorice? One of my colleagues from Sweden turned me on to it.

  18. Give an engineer some duct tape and just look.....

    Pretty cool.

  19. First time reader, 02-14-12 and you've made my day,I found you via the Cornered Cat and really love your blog. Thank you for doing it!

    Where can you get the Barney shooting target I loved it!!


    You might enjoy this video tribute to pilots such as yourself.
    I recently visited a B-17 and talked to a 90 year old turrent gunner.

  21. Too bad my dad died before Gore invented the internet. He would have loved this idea, and my mom would have, too.
    I know what I'll be giving next year!

  22. What a special gift for a special gal...!

  23. BobG - my sentiment exactly. :-)

  24. I'm glad there's a special someone in your life. But I'm oh so jealous of you because black licorice is my favorite candy too. I can't eat it though because it completely nullifies the beneficial effect of my blood pressure medicine. When I tell people about my love of black licorice they look at me like I'm a few degrees out of plumb.

  25. Your secret is safe with us. This year I followed your advice and bought Lu a new gun. She actually got pretty giggly and is a very happy woman. Thanks for the tip!!

  26. i can't believe that he made those - they are soooo gorgeous! please tell me that you are keeping them forever!

    your friend,


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