Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barkley - Lessons in Socialism

I worked hard all year, barking at strangers, retrieving things and keeping Mom company. So I earned a toy!! I'm proud of my toy.

MY TOY! Hard work and loyalty DO pay off!

But Barkley, there is a dog down the road that lays on his ass and whines all day and does nothing. HE doesn't have a toy. So the man will come and give him YOUR toy.

Come on, we're not taking it we're just redistributing the toys.

How do you feel about the whole idea now Barkley?

Bad Politician. No Vote!


  1. Go get em Barkley. Just don't bite them. You don't know where that politicians been.

  2. I'm with you Barkley. You earned it, you get to keep it.

  3. Most excellent indeed. Guess Barkley's not going to vote for Obama this year.

  4. Agreed, Lois - he earned, he gets to keep it. Sigh.....why is that so difficult for some to understand?

  5. No worries Barkley... Sky, Ruby, Rambo, Dixie, Duke, Gus, and Max all voted...

  6. Wear 'em out Barkley! We're counting on you!

  7. Barkley is smarter than a whole lot of folks in our country.


  8. What dog doesnt want to play with an elephant tampon!

  9. RichD - hahahaha!

    Lois - that's my motto

    Murphy's Law - Barkley is still totally bummed out to find that this "Mittins" he was hearing about was not a cat. But he won't tell you who to vote for, he'll just tell you to get out and vote!

    Aussie - because they've never earned it. My parents made us work extra chores to earn our allowance even, nothing was handed out for free.

    MSgtB - next time you come visit you and the wife will have to come to dinner and meet him. Blue and his bride did and survived with just some extra dog hair.

    idahobob- indeed he is.

    og - I know, I know the toy. It's his favorite, that and the dog launch thing PA State Cop got him a couple years ago. If you can find something he likes just as much I'll gladly pitch that thing :-)

  10. Don't bite the politician they may have rabies or some thing

  11. But does Barkley get free health care?
    Or maybe free neutering?
    Hmmm, that might be an idea.

  12. Unfortunately we are at or darn close to the point where there are more who don't earn taking from those who do.....and THEY are out voting the people who earn because so freakin many of those who earn are morons....sorry been a hard long week of Liberal idiots in my life :P

  13. Barkley would make a fine politician. He gets it. Few words, but a dog of principle.
    I'll vote for him!

    "Buy your own damned toy and leave mine alone!"
    Right on, Barkley

  14. Understand that there are two different groups that are net recipients of money from the State that are involved; i.e, that are tax consumers. One group is "non-productive" - they get money from the State without doing anything for it. The other group is "productive" - they do something for the money they get. Think cops, firemen, teachers, government bureaucrats, etc. Some of those we need, or are performing functions that are generally regarded by all sides as the purview of the State and as necessary for basic societal functions (cops, firemen, etc.). Others aren't, and my guess would be that government bureaucrats greatly outnumber cops and firemen. The problem then becomes that both groups benefit from an increase in government - one to receive the benefits, and one to hand them out.

    Here in Illinois the combination of both groups generally DO outnumber people who are tax producers. If I was king, no one who

    a) got money from the State,
    b) could be productive in some way, shape or form and
    c) is not receiving money from a fund that they or their employer put money into in the first place

    would have to do something to get the money. Hell, teach them to type and have them do data entry.


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