Sunday, October 7, 2012

Barkley - Like a Dog.

He doesn't worry about things he doesn't have.

Or how he is going to obtain them.

He is just as happy going for a drive in an old Chevy truck as a brand new Mercedes.

He doesn't worry about how many Facebook friends he has, who is on First, or how many calories there are in a bacon cheeseburger.

He doesn't care about your age, your weight, your tax bracket, your biological clock or what is on TV.  He only knows that soon, the people he loves will be home.

On those days that I come home drained from a difficult day, tears in my eyes and the worry of ghosts in my soul, he simply lays his head on my knee and looks up, as if that moment is what he lived for.  His tail will wag with a healing that humans can't always give.

If there is a ball to be thrown,  he will abandon all restraint and give every fiber of himself, to reach that for which was before, only a dream; unmitigated glory.

His life is not deadlines, or deals or caring about the things that in all reality, will not matter at the end of a life.

All he cares about  is how to bequeath that for which sustains him,  in his too short life, his faith and his love, as he patiently waits.

There are days when I wish we were all, more like a dog.

 - Brigid


  1. Dear Brigid
    Glad Barkley is doing well. A friend sent me this lik and I thought you would very much enjoy it (if you have not already seen it)


  2. Amen.

    Best signature I've ever seen: "I try to be the man my dog thinks I am."

  3. Well said, Brigid. I live with, and am loved by 3 hounds, and I know exactly what you mean.


  4. "He doesn't worry about how many Facebook friends he has,..."

    He has a Facebook page?!

    (Sorry, Brigid, couldn't resist...) :)

  5. "There are days when I wish we were all, more like a dog."


    Nah, too easy...

  6. My next dog is going to be part lab at least....Im tired of the drama that ensues when I try to give this one a bath ;) Glad you have Barkley with you B :D

  7. Our 3 labs provide us with total love
    and affection. Never a dull moment when they are awake, and sometimes even when asleep! Great post-johnnyb

  8. Truer words never uttered.

    I used to have two dogs and two cats. All gone now.

    My roomie has three dogs and one cat.
    Fortunately, they love me, regardless.

    What RabidAllen said.


  9. Life lived simply. Your final line sounds almost like a prayer, so I'll only "Amen."

  10. Beautiful. And, I so agree about the "too short life."

  11. Excellent. . . if only we could have the mindset of a dog.

  12. I've always said, "Dogs are a better class of people."...

    Dann in Ohio

  13. the unconditional, genuine love and affection a pet brings is a wonderful thing...
    truly, if Barkley did have a Facebook page, i would give in and sign up for an account, lol!
    but your blog is so much better (whew!), and his occasional input always brings a smile to my face :)

  14. Barkley doesn't have a Facebook page. I don't even have one. :-)

    So many of us feel the way we do about our dogs, it speaks much of them, and of you.

  15. But if people were more like dogs, they might not have thumbs. Who would turn the doorknobs to let the dogs outside? That would make for a lot of puddles on carpeting.

  16. A balm for a soul in need.

  17. Having a beloved, loyal pet in your life makes life so much better.
    Unconditional love.

  18. Can't say I disagree... Less worry, more chasing the ball, and someone to love; what more can you ask?

  19. I loved it, Brigid. Thanks. I can hardly wait until I have another canine friend.

  20. Our dogs accept us for who we are and love us unconditionally.

    It's too bad that more humans are not that way.


  21. Between God and dog, we need never be alone and are always comforted.

  22. And that's just one of the reasons why I'd like to have a dog, but...1) Hubby is decidedly in the "cat person" camp, and 2) Small Fry is deathly scared of dogs, even if she did pet the German short-haired pointer that a neighbor dad usually brings with him for afternoon school pickup of his daughter. But she wasn't tired, and Hubby was there to pick her up that day.

    So we are owned by kitties. As much as they have attitudes and egos, I love them. I have one who has made it his life's mission to make me his person, and he watches over me. He comes when I'm at my most weary or sick or tired, and he cuddles and gently purrs.

    His only concern at those moments is that we're together.

  23. JUst what I was thinking as I sat on the sofa with one of the salukis half in my lap. We do live for those moments...

  24. I am a certified veterinary technician in Inver Grove Hts.,MN.I would like to place this entry on our facebook site. Blackberry Veterinary Center, PLLC. It struck a chord and I would like to share the thought with our FB friends. I am a dog lover as well as a card carrying, Second Amendment supporter. My husband is a muzzleloader and also a card carrier. We love your blog! may I have your permission to use only this entry of Barkley's? I haven't ever done this before, so it is probably TMI. On our web site and FB page, I have a rescue chihuahua that blogs. We also have a new black lab/gloden ret.X and a senior German Shepherd rescue at home! Thanks for connecting with so many people!!

  25. Jeannine - that was so sweet and thank you for asking. All I ask it you attribute it to me with a link to the blog as it is copyrighted (please feel to put copyright - used with permission") To link to just the blog post, click on the post title and the link addy will show up in your web browser.

    Thank you for caring so much about our furry family menmbers, I'd be lost without him, the 3rd of several great labs I've had since I was a kid.


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