Friday, October 5, 2012

Barkley Update

"And I woke up  surrounded by beautiful women in lab coats and someone had shaved a crop circle on my butt and my mouth was sore . . ."

Barkley is doing much better, all back to normal (except for the bald spots).  The tooth cleaning apparatus was given the brush off, the remains removed in a small plastic bag with little smiling cartoon teeth on it. We'll try the tarter control chews. But within three days of his surgery and dental work he was running around like a pup and was reported well and happy by everyone who helped  me look out for him before and after.

The bat phone's been chirping like a canary on crack so tonight all I want to do is chill quietly at home eventually, with a glass of apple cider and some Stan Getz music.  I will be headed  by a couple of friends in North Hoosierville tomorrow after a good sleep,  to drop off little gift of a case of Yuengling, which we can't find in IND.

Look for the Colt  .357 review  this weekend when I'm rested, had time to catch up and and the Yuengling Low Level Master Caution goes out.

Love -
Brigid and Barkley


  1. Glad to see Barkley doing better! Love the 'crop circles' comment!


  2. My own personal favorite widely available cider is Woodchuck, out of Vermont, although in your line of work, if you can get your hands on some Made in Jolly Olde England Woodpecker Cider, it's the best I've ever had.

    Of course, there is always a chance you were talking about real non-alcholic cider, in which case I seem like a total lush for assuming otherwise...

  3. That's great news about Barkley! Enjoy your down-time.

  4. Glad Barkley is doing well.

    Enjoy the rest and the beverage. Don't use that drum of table salt all at once. I would have thought that having a stash of canning salt might be preferable because it isn't iodized and can be used to can, pickle, and salt hides without turning things brown. Maybe it is just labeled incorrectly.

  5. Glad to hear Barkley is doing well!

    On another note, make an East-turn and head to Oh-hi-ya and you can load up on Yuenglings! We FINALLY got it brought in after much on-line threatening,begging and cajoling! Still have to go to PA to get the really special stuff though.

  6. To extinguish the Fuel Level Low light may require multiple hookups.

  7. Glad to hear Barkley is feeling good again. :) Yes, I'm sure he has some great stories to tell while he was on drugs.

  8. greg - it's woodchuck. Roberta X first introduced me to it. It's very good. It will be poured as soon as I get home (I'm at dinner right now on my eebook).

    Rev Paul - I will.

    Mrs. S. - we have some serious slugs around here. I know the difference but thanks and it is table salt. It was given to me by a dear friend to get started prepping, so I'm not going to say "no thanks" to the generosity and the lesson in storage. I have pickling and curing salts as well now though now.

    Irontomflint - awesome! I had even discussed a road trip with Mr. B. and Midwest Chick to PA just to bring back some more. They are the ones that got me started on it.

    thrill - welcome and oh. . .yes!

    Loi - I can't find my one credit card I thought was in my desk. I do so hope I don't find 3 shipments of inflatable poodles, a lifesize chew toy shaped like the UPS driver and a Pig's Feet of the Month Club Subscription billed to my card when he was on the pain meds.

  9. Good News! Thanks for the update. Glad to see the puppy is happy again.

    Crop circles on his butt! Outrageous.

  10. My vet told me to take a washcloth, or a piece of bath towel, and wipe teeth and gums daily. This negates the need to brush, and will keep his teeth clean.

    If there's a ton of tartar, when you finish wiping, take some doggie, enzymatic toothpaste on your finger, and wipe a liberal coating onto the teeth. The dog licking at it over four weeks will clean up the teeth just fine.

    Brushing teeth stinks.

  11. I'll remember to bootleg a couple of cases of Y-juice if I ever drive up thataway. Glad the dog is good.

  12. Oh... WHICH .357??? :-) And yeah, take a break, you need one too!

  13. You DO know Barkley did the crop circles himself to gain sympathy?
    (and so you wouldn't notice the inflatable poodles!)

    He is smart, after all.


  14. Oh I LOVE Yuengling! My Dad brought me a case back from his New England trip in July, but it's gone now. Sigh... : )

  15. You can't get Yuengling in Indiana?

    And here I thought it was a classy place....

  16. I'm happy Barkley is doing well. His escapades make for fine entertainment reading.

    I've not seen barrels like that before. Any info on what they are called or where you got them?

  17. Aweloynt - they are commercial grade restaurant storage barrels, about 10 years old. A friends Mennonite neighbors who were teaching some of us how to store in nytrogen picked them up. Not all plastic containers is suitable for 10-30 year storage.

  18. Virbac makes a chlorhexidine rawhide chew that our vet recommended, and they work quite well.

    We also give them the Greenies dental chews.


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